Naturally, it is the strength of the two-tailed brigade in the cross-country body plus the power of Poseidon in the devil’s sea!
The former cross-country didn’t want to devour the power of Erwei and Lvyuan, and the power of Poseidon in the devil’s sea was a fear. Now it’s okay. In the face of a dead end, cross-country only has the power to move the seal in the yin dun brand. It can be said that it directly gave up its own yin dun brand. Cross-country took a deep breath and suddenly went deep into the power of Erwei and Lvyuan, and there was also the power of Poseidon in the devil’s sea. I hope that both forces can help me get rid of the hell in front of it. Payne can get rid of that death that severely suppressed him.
Payne Nagato, who manipulated Hell Road, obviously never thought that cross-country still had a card.
It is also because of this that the brand of cross-country yin dun is about to be swallowed up, which leads to the collapse of cross-country yin dun accomplishments
A hot flame and a cold chill suddenly came from the cross-country body!
There is no doubt that in front of the cross-country hell, Payne is facing another cross-country menopause counterattack!
"Want to kill me? Nagato is not Payne! "
"It depends on whether you have that thing!"
Chapter 661 Hell ()
Heaven hell step by step
Or die or fight for your life
In heaven and hell, there is no doubt that the cross-country choice must be hell. He would rather smash his own shadow brand and die than let hell Payne devour his shadow brand. Step by step, heaven still maintains his soul to be reincarnated, and the cross-country choice is also the latter. He would rather die than watch hell Payne devour his soul.
This is the cross-country choice, and it is also the pride of the shadow mage!
But in the process of unblocking the Yin dun brand, two figures suddenly appeared behind the cross-country when the two-tailed brigade strength and the devil’s sea Poseidon strength were added. Who is the devil’s sea Poseidon instead of the two-tailed brigade?
At this moment, in front of cross-country, the figure of Yan Luowang emerges behind Payne in Hell Road, while the figure of Poseidon in Devil’s Sea is more than that of Payne Yan Luowang in Hell Road. Compared with Yan Luowang in terror, Poseidon in Devil’s Sea is still a little worse.
But the situation is different.
Previously, cross-country in front of Yan Luowang’s figure behind Payne in Hell didn’t even have a little resistance, but the mental energy in it was gradually swallowed up by Yan Luowang in front of him. Now generate’s two tails are traveling to the devil’s sea. Poseidon’s power is still suppressed, but cross-country in front of Payne in Hell has at least a little strength to fight back.
In that case, fighting for your life is the right choice
right after
Staring at the front of Hell, Payne stared at the front of Yan Luowang’s cross-country and said a light.
It’s just a word "seal". The crashing of Poseidon in the devil’s sea behind the cross-country body is shattered there. There is no doubt that it is cross-country control. The moment of cross-country is to control the power of Poseidon in the devil’s sea. It is to be able to get rid of Payne in the hell before.
In the devil’s sea area, when Poseidon’s power is finished in the off-road control and self-explosion, the horror chill is swept through, which is directly enveloped in Payne’s body in hell, and then the speed can be seen by the naked eye. Payne’s body in hell is gradually frozen there, and even Yan Luowang’s figure behind Payne in hell is slowly frozen there. At the same time, the mental energy in the off-road yin dun brand is finally not swallowed up by Yan Luowang’s figure behind Payne in hell, and slowly disappears.
This is obviously good news. Cross-country finally has a way to curb Payne in Hell.
Although the loss of Yin dun branding is an incalculable loss, if you can live cross-country, you are still confident that you can restore your attainments of Yin dun branding to the peak level. However, just after cross-country, you are secretly relieved that your heart finally has a way to deal with Hell Payne. The figure behind Hell Payne turned out to be another outbreak of your own strength.
That’s weird and scary. That’s the ability to devour and force the cross-country yin dun brand to degenerate.
Almost at the time of exerting that kind of power, Payne’s cold body disappears a little bit, just like the cross-country control of Poseidon’s power in the devil’s sea has not caused any impact on Payne in Hell.
However, is there really no impact?
In fact, the influence is not reflected in the hell Payne!
When hell Payne’s body chill slowly disappeared, those eyes hidden in the dark manipulated the hell Payne Nagato’s body, and a little frost emerged impressively. Those frost doubts made it very shocking to protect Nagato peony. If Nagato hadn’t coughed a few times, he would have told peony that he had nothing to do.
Peony, who has been firmly beside Nagato, may leave with Nagato.
Talk about the other side.
The power of Poseidon in the devil’s sea area gradually fades, and the cold of Payne’s body gradually disappears. Cross-country eyes are severely tightened.
What should we do?
The power of Poseidon in the devil’s sea is nowhere in front of Payne in hell. Do you want me to blow myself up again?
It is true that such a bijuu as Erwei Youlv really disappeared into the forbearance world, but if the Erwei Youlv power really blew itself up in cross-country manipulation, it would be truly meaningful to completely disappear!