Kelly won’t hide anything from Li Ke. He told Li Ke everything about the significance of this matter and asked Li Ke to go with him to inquire for Comrade Li Er. This was said by Li Ke, and he just gave Li Ke a side to have them.

In fact, Kelly didn’t dare to say it himself, but wanted to give this credit to Li Ke. After all, his position in the imperial court is almost to the top now. If Comrade Li Er wants to give himself a reward, he will definitely not get promoted. If the title is his own age, it is quite difficult to continue to be promoted. It is better to let Li Ke get this credit.
Although Li Ke can’t get any benefits from Comrade Li Er now, in Comrade Li Er’s mind, Li Ke’s weight will increase by one point, so that Li Ke’s weight will become heavier and heavier, and Li Ke’s advantage will be reflected when he is too guilty.
For Kelly’s plan, Li Ke doesn’t say nothing, but he can also see some things. Now he goes to Comrade Li Er and says that this matter is that Kelly wants to give credit to himself. It’s not once or twice for Kelly to do this kind of thing. Li Ke also feels very sorry in his heart. Now, of course, he refuses to let Kelly talk to Comrade Li Er himself. Nothing he says can rob Kelly of credit.
Wang Ke sees Li Ke in this way every time, but he can’t just reveal it himself. His heart is also very resistant. He can repeatedly emphasize that Li Ke’s words are better than his own words. Besides, if it can be done, it will be part of the military system in his own home. This kind of carriage should be avoided by himself, so that some people with ulterior motives can say that they are selfish. That’s not good.
Don’t say that Kelly’s finding this reason really makes Li Ke feel that there is some truth in telling others by himself, but he dare not have any objection. However, as soon as Kelly said it, someone would definitely want to speak ill of him. Besides, even if he let himself talk about Comrade Li Er, he would certainly be able to think that this idea would not be thought out by himself. At the very least, there would be Wang Keshen in it, so that Kelly’s credit would not be buried. Li Kechai reluctantly agreed to come and go to the palace with Kelly.
Into the imperial room, Kelly saw that besides Comrade Li Er, there were military attaché s here, including Excavate, Li Ji, Wei Chijingde and Qin Shubao. On this side, there were grandson bogey, Fang Xuanling and Du Ruhui. That is to say, everyone here was present except Chai Shao and Cheng Zhijie who often discussed things with Comrade Li Er on weekdays.
Kelly was wondering why all these people came at the back of the time and turned around to see that it was Chai Shao and Cheng Zhijie who came in! This is all the departments here, and no one is left behind.
Now, for Comrade Li Er and these old killers, Li Ke and Kelly appeared unexpectedly. It was a surprise that these old killers, immortals or Comrade Li Er sent someone to call them. Comrade Li Er didn’t know what happened to these two men. Supposedly, if these old men wanted to call Li Ke and Kelly, they would have told themselves. But now they don’t know this either. Look at these old men, they should also be unaware of what they are doing. It seems that Li Ke and Kelly have something to tell themselves when they arrive.
Comrade Li Er is still thinking about talking to the old man. To Li Ke and Kelly, he asked, "What are you two trotting for? Is there anything you want to tell me? Hurry up and say that I have to discuss things with several Aiqing. "
Kelly a listen to this is not white. On weekdays, Comrade Li Er always likes to call himself why he has something to do today but doesn’t let himself be present. This is a bit strange. Are they talking about things with Kelly or Li Ke today?
Kelly’s mind quickly went over this period of time, but he couldn’t find anything worthy of Comrade Li Er’s fighting, so it should be with Li Ke.
Thought of here, Kelly couldn’t help "hitching" in his heart. Is it that Comrade Li Er was thinking about changing it too much on a whim? I remember that in history, Comrade Li Er had held several such consultations. In the end, he was too rebellious to help Comrade Li Er, and he was too determined.
Speaking, Comrade Li Er acted decisively all his life, but he was indecisive in this matter. If it weren’t for his own rebellion, maybe this Li Chenggan really became emperor in Li Zhi after Comrade Li Er’s death, and nothing would have happened to him.
Kelly is a little anxious at the thought of this problem. Although even Comrade Li Er has moved this idea now, he has never really abolished Li Chenggan’s position. However, Comrade Li Er discussed this matter with these old killers and old men. If you can’t know anything about it yourself, you can’t know yourself if you want Li Ke to seek something. Today, it is good to think of some way to stay here, even if you listen to a few words.
Just as Kelly was thinking, Li Ke had told himself and Kelly that he had come here today according to the rhetoric taught by Kelly. All these old killers showed great interest. After all, they were soldiers. Of course, they were more interested in marching and fighting. When they didn’t think so much, they discussed this idea with Li Ke.
When Comrade Li Er saw it, he said it was a matter of transportation, but it was also a matter of war. After all, this military force has not moved food and grass first, which is the practice of war since ancient times. Now Comrade Li Er’s first thought is to expand abroad. When it comes to war, he unconsciously threw himself into it and called himself these old men, leaving everything behind.
When Kelly finished thinking about it, in addition to the three old deathlessly sitting in their seats, including Comrade Li Er, there was a heated debate about whether the four-wheeled carriage was suitable for the military. At this time, Li Ke also kept throwing out Kelly to tell him those views, trying to say that those who opposed the country made the four-wheeled carriage to the border and then changed to two-wheeled carriages.
Kelly didn’t bother to interrupt when he saw this way. He simply went to sit next to several old deathlessly. He thought about whether he could get something out of these old deathlessly. What did Comrade Li Er ask them to say today?
It’s a pity that Wang Ke’s theory on how to induce these old people to die is always three words "I don’t know", and their expressions don’t look like lying, which makes Kelly really interesting.
See Kelly didn’t go to participate in the discussion, but ran over to chat with them. The three old deathlessly looked at each other. Fang Xuanling said to Kelly, "My dear, you see that your army has a lot of advice. What day will it help us to give advice? We people have much more to do than they do! "
Of course, Kelly knew that Fang Xuanling said they meant those old killers, but he just didn’t know how to say that his military gave advice, which was just that he was blind and caught up with the dead. He really didn’t know what to do if he really came into contact with the reality. Now he has to talk about his views in his own affairs, and he really can’t say it.
Fortunately, Fang Xuanling also politely asked Kelly to give them advice sometimes. Kelly should be able to find an excuse to come to these old deathlessly. After all, these people are literati, and this barbaric thing cannot be done.
Kelly apologetically said to the three old deathless hands, "Uncle flattered my little nephew. It’s really difficult for him to say something about the fact that he is ignorant of the court."
Wang Ke came just to get away with it, but these old men didn’t want to let him go. At the sight of Kelly’s refusal, he repeatedly persuaded Kelly that Kelly was a big head.
Looking at a few old deathlessly endless samples, Kelly knew that he wouldn’t stop if he didn’t promise to come today, so he agreed with a bitter face, but he made up his mind in his heart to ask these old deathlessly to come to himself, saying that he would try not to get stuck in this politics if something happened.
At the sight of Kelly’s promise to his grandson’s jealousy, he couldn’t wait to talk to Kelly about his own politics, but it stumped Kelly.
Kelly has been dealing with the army for a long time, knowing that things are also military, and there is nothing to delve into about politics. Now, if you come together fiercely, you really don’t know what to say. If you really have something to do, you have to go home and consult with your father Wang Si to answer these old deathlessly again and again. Now, these old deathlessly are here, but they are forcing themselves to say it. This has made Kelly feel a bit slippery.
Du Ruhui sat there and saw that Kelly was silent for a while, and he turned to Kelly and said, "Why can’t my good nephew answer? Don’t you like to say something to the old ladies so much? Do you want to look at the old ladies’ jokes sincerely? "
That’s easy to say, but it means enough for Kelly to drink a pot.
This is to say that Kelly doesn’t want to help. If Kelly doesn’t explain this statement immediately, Wang Ke can be regarded as completely offended by these old killers.
Kelly’s heart is so anxious. If you don’t say it again, it’s not so easy for you to let these old deathlessly help you after you have offended these old deathlessly today.
Forget it, or just say something anodyne, at least deal with the past today. Anyway, boasting is also Kelly’s strength, so it’s best not to sit on the slippery slope!
The third chapter 2 Simple things
Kelly, no matter whether it was relevant or not, said a lot of things that sounded very broad, and even Kelly felt a little ashamed when he finished.
After all, these things are just what I heard from the so-called experts or magazines in the later generations, which are called theoretical knowledge. It is not necessarily good to combine them with reality. Anyway, theory is theory, and if it is not combined with time, it cannot be achieved. At this time, the social system is so different from the later generations
But listening to these three old deathlessly ears, what Kelly said is unheard of by them. It sounds very profound. If you don’t think about it carefully, you really can’t understand it. One or three people are silent and reminisce about Kelly’s words, thinking about how to find something for themselves from Kelly’s words.
As soon as I saw these three old things, I stopped asking myself. Kelly hurriedly walked to the edge of the group of old killers who were still arguing. He was really afraid to sit in his place again. If there is anything wrong with those three old deathlessly, I have to let myself explain it. I might as well run here and listen to Comrade Li Er and discuss it with these old killers.
After listening to Kelly for a while, I found that these old killers have no objection to making wagons. However, the opposing party is worried that if a number of wagons like this are added to the army, but they have to continue to make wagons once they leave the country, it will become a new wagon, and the two wagons will not be abandoned, which will inevitably increase the burden on the army, not only the parking space, but also the number of people guarding the vehicles and the corresponding consumption of money and food will increase exponentially.
For this, Kelly didn’t consider that he thought this thing could be efficient, but he didn’t care about these details. Now that I think about it, it’s really a problem. If it’s really done, it’s not as simple as increasing spending a little bit. If these old killers are not experienced, they will really cause a lot of losses to Datang’s spending on their own impulse, which also reflects the gap between themselves and these people in actually dealing with it. If they can talk about it in theory, it will be too bad to really get in touch with practical things.
Thinking of this, Kelly is in no hurry to speak. He needs to think about this problem first. The Tathagata should solve it. Now he encourages Li Ke to come out with this thing. Now it seems that he has also trapped Li Ke in it. If he can’t figure out a way to solve this problem, he can’t be regarded as giving Li Ke a good idea. That’s to hurt Li Ke.
Li Ke was at a loss when he saw Kelly leaned in, but he felt a backbone as soon as he felt in his heart. Li Ke didn’t think that he would say it according to Kelly’s meaning, which caused such a big controversy. Even Comrade Li Er took part in it, and he didn’t think much about it. Now I really don’t know what to do. Kelly was talking to several civil servants just now, and I was embarrassed to ask Kelly in the past. Now Kelly has come over. This must be carefully discussed by Kelly. Kelly is planning on this issue.
Li Ke quietly got up and pulled Kelly’s sleeve novel, "What should I say now, brother? I really don’t know how to say it."
Kelly heard Li Ke’s question and nodded and replied, "At the beginning, I considered many details simply, but I didn’t consider Zhou. Let me think about it and see if I can find a perfect method."
Li Ke saw that Kelly frankly admitted that he was thoughtless and had nothing to say. He could sit down and listen to Comrade Li Er and several old killers while looking up at Kelly from time to time to see what he could do.
Kelly’s solution to this kind of thing has always been to seek inspiration from what he knows in later generations, and now it is no exception. All he thinks about is how to solve this kind of thing in later generations.
I really don’t want to think about Kelly, but I think it is similar to this matter. Although it is not the same, it also has the same effect. That is, the army is responsible for the management of this piece by a special logistics. When necessary, it is believed that this era will do the same, but the scale is smaller than that of later generations. After all, the materials needed for transportation in this era cannot be compared with later generations.
Kelly just tried to say, "Is it possible for the Emperor’s uncles to change the two-wheeled carriage in the army into four-wheeled, but these two-wheeled carriages will not be eliminated. Instead, the Ministry will rent them to the people at a very low price for the people to make and maintain, but on one condition, once the war ends, the court will levy these vehicles for military transportation."
"In this way, the army does not send people to manage these vehicles, nor does it always consider maintaining these vehicles. Moreover, it will not expand its territory because it is necessary to increase the number of wagons. It will also be possible for the court to make a fortune and the people can’t afford to buy vehicles. It is also mutually beneficial to say that this problem should be solved."
Kelly is afraid that these people can’t help interrupting when they haven’t made it clear, and they have to explain to them constantly. If they go further and further, they don’t know when to say this, so they stop and say what they intend to say in one breath.
I didn’t expect that these people didn’t want to interrupt when they heard Kelly’s speech. The idea was to listen attentively to Kelly and say what he wanted to say. In these people’s view, it is generally feasible for Kelly to find a way to speak at once. Now this way must be to manage even if he has something to say, he can wait for Kelly to finish and then ask slowly. There is no need to interrupt Kelly’s words so that Wang Ke can’t say it completely.
When Kelly fully expressed his meaning clearly, these people carefully recalled that the meaning of this Kelly dialect didn’t speak, and Kelly heard a clap behind him. "Lord Wang, this is a good idea, and it can save a lot of money in the court without increasing the situation of the court. By the way, it is really an idea that can serve several purposes. If it is implemented, it should work. There should be no problem in doing so!"
Kelly was opposite Comrade Li Er and this group of old killers. He also saw that none of these people spoke, but the sudden sound sounded from behind him. Kelly hurriedly turned around and saw that three old people were behind him. The sound just came from Du Ruhui’s mouth.
It turned out that after three old deathlessly realized Kelly’s words, they found that Kelly came here to participate in the discussion, and sat there with nothing to do. They just came over to hear Kelly’s high talk. They were not good at expressing their opinions on military matters, but they were extremely sensitive about money, food and horses. As soon as they heard Kelly’s words, they came to Kelly for nothing. This method is of great significance to money, not only will it not increase expenditure, but also reduce a lot of expenses of the court.
The common people have to pay for a carriage even if they rent it at a low price, but the price of a carriage is not high, but the sum of all two carriages in the whole Tang army will not be a small sum, and this input is still a fixed income every year. This is a long-term process, which really excites them. They really can’t figure out how Kelly came up with it, and Du Ruhui couldn’t help but praise Kelly.
Du Ruhui’s speech also made Comrade Li Er wake up as soon as he spoke. Now this has made the carriage thing no longer a simple matter in the army, but has been linked with the situation of the imperial court. If we simply discuss it, we can discuss it with these old killers. Now it is the best way to let these Datang management finances join in and make a comprehensive consideration of this matter
Comrade Li Er was busy greeting Father Yang and asked him to have the chairs in the room moved together into a circle so that everyone could sit down. In Kelly’s eyes, this is quite a bit like the round table of later generations.
Comrade Li Er scanned the crowd and cleared his throat before saying, "Now, if you love Qing, if you have anything to say about the Wangs’ small ideas, just say it directly and everyone can discuss it."
To tell the truth, this is the first time that Kelly has seen Comrade Li Er discussing the affairs of the DPRK with his ministers. Although he has seen it before, Comrade Li Er also pays great attention to the opinions of the courtiers. In Kelly’s idea, he just recognizes that Comrade Li Er is broad-minded and able to coachable. I didn’t expect Comrade Li Er to put himself in the same position as his ministers and participate in the discussion on an equal footing.
Look at these ministers. They are not surprised at this situation at all, but take it for granted. Kelly is white, so it should have happened often before the scene. These people will not think that there is anything wrong with this because they are used to it. At this time, they have never thought of anything wrong with this.
When I heard Comrade Li Er’s speech, I asked everyone to discuss it freely. I talked about it one by one, and combined with Kelly’s way to say what I was thinking. At this time, the speech was a little different from what I just said. At this time, there was no difference in whether to make a carriage, but there was no difference. I followed Kelly’s way of saying it and added my own understanding of it. I tried my best to improve the method that Kelly said to make it easier and more convenient to implement.
It really didn’t take much effort for this one-man plan to be short and ten-man plan to be long. Kelly, this short sentence was supplemented by these geniuses into a complete plan. The old killers considered it from a military point of view, while the old undead people supplemented it from an economic point of view, and then they were constantly revised and integrated. For example, a complete plan was put in front of everyone without increasing expenditure and maximizing play.
Comrade Li Er is full of joy now. Now this plan is really perfect. It can not only ensure that the Tang army can change the speed faster, but also increase the expenses. It can also ensure that the grain can be transported quickly when the war breaks out, and it can also increase the income of the court. This is too best laid plans, so once it is done, I will not be afraid that these ministers in charge of money and grain will nag me about the empty state treasury, which will make me bored. This will also make me a lot easier.
Comrade Li Er couldn’t help but throw a admiring look at Kelly. Of course, Comrade Li Er was also very gratified that Li Ke made such a suggestion. After all, he always thought about his worries in the imperial court when he was a child. Although sometimes the suggestion was not mature, it would be a good idea if he thought about it. He firmly believed that Li Ke would become a talent in the near future after such exercise!
Chapter III Necessary Conditions
Seeing that he and Li Ke have come to Li Er, it is still more sensible to reach Kelly. He knows that Comrade Li Er called these old killers and old deathlessly today. He must have something to discuss. If he and Li Ke hadn’t intervened, he might be discussing at this time. Now they have to say that things are over and the resolution has been settled. If you don’t know what to do, you can wait for Comrade Li Er to drive yourself away from Li Ke.