Two pairs of eyes meet, one reveals surprise and the other exudes curiosity.

"Qiao" pack up the other surprised eyes and say yes to Tianyu first. There is such a word.
Tianyu also replied with a smile "Qiao"
Say that finish immediately accounted for the disorderly hair boy left machine.
"I didn’t expect to meet you here. Are you a college student in Zhejiang?" It’s Tianyu’s turn to speak first.
The other person shook his head and nodded again, but his eyes didn’t leave the screen. He seemed a little pale and said, "It was not now."
Tianyu listened to his words and shook his right hand a few times and said, "Was it fired by the school?"
This time the other party turned to look at Tianyu.
This eye contact made two people see each other clearly.
In Tianyu’s eyes, this guy’s oval face, some big eyes, nose and mouth are all big, but his facial features are fairly correct, and those black glasses really seem to be too gentle … That seat of loose hair has destroyed the temperament of the whole person.
In that person’s eyes, Tianyu is also plain, but the sound in the words is very strong, and the sound is hoarse. I always feel that I am lingering with a lot of vicissitudes.
Tianyu’s past life is not a flower, and the old man naturally has no vicissitudes of life in his old age. Perhaps this sense of vicissitudes comes from his death once.
The teenager shook his head and said, "I have no money to retire from home."
Tianyu shine at the moment, looking at the young dim eyes thoughtfully.
Chapter 33 War leads to war
"Don’t patronize the chat me about you, is also to report the new students? But I didn’t see you take any luggage in the bus yesterday. "
The juvenile talk finally increased, which made Tianyu a little excited.
"Me? Listen to your description, I should be similar to you. I didn’t intend to say that with the school. "
"Oh," replied the young man with a pair of glasses.
"Are you from other provinces?"
Because I met him on the bus opposite the train, Tianyu took it for granted that the other party was also from other provinces
The boy shook his head and replied, "The land is far from the morning light area. I came to go through a procedure with the teacher yesterday. Although I can’t report it, I hope they will leave the quota."
"It seems that he is still a warm-blooded youth!" Tianyu heart annoys way
At this time, the brain has opened the Tianyu input machine member account and password to enter the operation interface and asked, "Do you have any plans to drop out of school?"
The teenager couldn’t help but look back at Li Tianyu’s expression and say, "It’s actually quite amazing. I saw you yesterday, and you were still with the swindler, but now I see you with a sense of intimacy, otherwise I didn’t intend to talk to you so much."
Tianyu recognized the meaning of the other person’s words and immediately said, "I’m from Tianjin. I originally came to a university in Zhejiang to study computer software engineering, but I personally had some unexpected reasons and didn’t plan to go to college."
"…" The other person was silent for a while and then naturally asked, "What do you do without going to college?"
This question is exactly the same as what Tianyu asked him before, but now it is changed to answer by himself ()
"Making money" Tianyu slowly turned his head and the boy looked at him again.
Simple is more attractive than simple.
Make money! Who wouldn’t? But the question is how to make it?
The teenager sighed and continued, "It takes at least four or five hours for my family to get here by car from the village in the north of wz. It has been three years since my father got sick and lost his eyes. It is not easy for my mother to bear the financial burden alone, but I have a younger sister who just finished high school, and I am going to give up my study opportunity and start working to earn money to help my family share."
"I heard that a big ophthalmic medicine in wz city and Zhejiang province is world-famous. Are you going to study ophthalmology?" Tianyu listened to each other’s family situation and asked.
The teenager nodded and continued, "But since the results of the college entrance examination were announced, I immediately started looking for a job. Because I have learned from this painful experience, I decided to give up studying medicine for the time being."
Tianyu can hear too much nai when listening to his last sentence.
"I found a lot of jobs, but I worked for a few days for each job. Because I have no education, no skills and pure physical strength, I can really support it for a while, but what should I do when I am old? In the future, my sister will naturally be taken care of by me when she marries her parents. Can I be a coolie for a generation to repay my hard work and bring me up to my parents? " The teenager said that his voice was hoarse, and his fingers were separated from the keyboard and gently placed on the eaves of the table.
Tianyu listened to each other’s stories as if they were so familiar.
Yes, this story may be written to the bone by some scholars, but Tianyu never denies that there are not a few families in today’s society, and his own family is barely playing a side ball and is sick in bed.
"I don’t want to be a society that does the same exercise every day. This society is too realistic and too numb, but I also know what I can change it." The more the teenager says, the more powerful he seems to be. It seems that telling this to a stranger who has seen two sides from the bottom of his heart will make him feel at ease.
He may just want to talk.
"Don’t blame fate because it’s fair. In desperate times, there may be a door, but it will definitely open a window." Somehow Tianyu suddenly blurted out this sentence.
The young man is not familiar with this sentence, but Tianyu is very familiar with it! Is the terrifying teachings.
"Although we can’t change anything in society, there is a place that is surging, and I think you have noticed it." Tianyu opened the brain game menu and found the dnf icon and double-clicked it.
Tianyu doesn’t believe it! I don’t believe that the teenagers around him will choose to sink as he did in the past.
And the young nature also won’t like Tianyu blindly escape from reality.
Otherwise, how could he collect drawings and resell them in the game?
The boy looked at Tianyu and opened the dnf interface, as if Hong Zhong had resounded in his heart.