"Ah?" Lin Zhixiu immediately froze and looked at Zhang Chengyuan with wide eyes and thought, "Does the boss want Han Ye Seul to go crazy? Why did you say such a thing?"

Zhang Chengyuan said with a smile, "I know what you’re thinking, but I’m definitely not talking nonsense. If you knew what I secretly did to her and Kong Xianzhu these days, you wouldn’t be so surprised."
"What did you do?" Lin Zhixiu was curious and asked, in fact, when she heard Zhang Chengyuan’s words, she guessed what Zhang Chengyuan had done, which was nothing more than his special means to provoke Han Ye Seul and Kong Xianzhu.
Chang Sung-won said, "Before I left Seoul for the second time, I asked my doppelganger to sneak into their apartment every night, and then when they were asleep, I used my magical power to enter their sea and create an image of me having sex with them."
Lin Zhixiu thought for a long time and realized that "if this happens for a long time, they may be very eager for men to want to do that kind of thing with you, and then when you ask them that request again, they may agree to come and refuse you as firmly as before."
Zhang Chengyuan nodded, "Exactly."
Lin Zhixiu went on, "But they may also have doubts. After all, it is reasonable to dream about things with you occasionally, but it is too unusual and suspicious to dream about you every day and both of them dream about you together?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "They don’t know my methods. Even if they are suspicious, they won’t suspect that I am moved by my previous words at most, so that I will think day by day, dream at night or have something wrong with myself."
Well, don’t worry, I’ll let me be in two places at once and always observe their mental dynamics, and I’ll never let anything happen to them. When I get back to Seoul for the Grand Prix, I’ll get rid of them as soon as possible, and then I won’t do this again, and I won’t cause them any trouble. Now, I can wronged them temporarily and then I’ll make them compensation. "
Sometimes it’s still a little cold to achieve some goals.
Lin Zhixiu sighed lightly and said, "It seems that it can be so now." As a woman, she naturally has some heart for this kind of thing, but because she is more worried about Zhang Chengyuan and more worried about Zhang Chengyuan’s physical problems, she still supports him to do so.
As for Han Ye Seul and Kong Xianzhu, Zhang Chengyuan told Lin Zhixiu that he wanted them to arrange accommodation and transportation because he entered Japan as a girl and asked her to deal with it.
Lin Zhixiu considered a "boss Tae-yeon’s March Day is in August, and there are still more than two months from now. It is no problem for them to arrange their daily accommodation, baby-sitters and other things, but they can never order a private jet suitable for them and designed for them two months later."
Zhang Chengyuan thought for a moment and asked, "Has the plane I prepared been ordered? What model is it? "
Lin Zhixiu said, "I have already ordered the Boeing bbj3, which is now being redesigned and renovated. It is one of the longest-range, longest-speed and highest-speed public jets at present." In fact, she ordered it for him not long after Zhang Chengyuan told her to pay attention to finding a suitable private jet last year, otherwise she might not order it if she ordered it this year.
Zhang Chengyuan asked again, "How many people can you take?"
"The seating standard of the public plane is 19 people, but if the seats are reconfigured, more than 20 people will be fine enough for the girls and their team." She naturally asked Zhang Chengyuan in vain
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Then re-plan the seating arrangement and pay the balance back to Korea so that I can order another one for the girls. Well, it’s better to fly a long distance so that I can fly directly from Seoul to Los Angeles faster and save me time."
Lin Zhixiu said, "To meet these two requirements, this Boeing bbj3 is probably the most suitable at present, but it is said that Gulfstream Aerospace Company is preparing to launch a g65 with a range of 13 kilometers, which is equivalent to 7 nautical miles, which is much stronger than Boeing bbj3, and its maximum cruising speed of Mach 95 is much stronger than bbj3. Maybe we should buy another bbj3 first and then replace it with or add another one."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "What is the performance of Gulfstream g55 now?"
Lin Zhixiu said, "If we compare the speed and range, it is much better than Boeing bbj3, but I think it is more cost-effective to wait for a while before buying g65, which is an upgrade of g55."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "When g65 will be launched on the market is unknown. Maybe this year, maybe next year, maybe later. I don’t want to wait in this unknown waiting place. Please help me order g55 for the time being. After g65 is launched, we will buy g65 and then sell it. How much money will I lose?"
Lin Zhixiu said, "If you are good, you can listen to the boss." Anyway, spending Zhang Chengyuan’s personal account money instead of the company’s money will not affect the company, so Lin Zhixiu will not feel sorry.
Zhang Chengyuan added, "After buying the plane, we should keep it as secret as possible, not to mention that I bought it privately, but that our company rented it and caused some controversy. Of course, we can’t hide it for a long time, but we can hide it for as long as we can, and it won’t be too nonsense when the media and the public get used to it."
Lin Zhixiu Ma Ying said, "I will sign a confidentiality agreement with the aircraft manufacturer and the airport personnel to try to hide this matter for a long time. In addition, I will also wake up my sisters not to tell about it."
"That’s good. Well, there’s one more thing I need you to do for me, that is, I will marry my sister Yuri in the future. I think I may marry my sister Yuri at the latest the year after next. It’s time to start preparing for my future residence. You help me buy a piece of land big enough, and then ask the best designer to build me a luxury villa, which is unique and unforgettable."
Lin Zhixiu nodded and asked, "Where is this land to be chosen? Is it in the city or the suburbs? "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "If I consider the environment, I’d like to choose the suburb, but if I live in the suburb in the future, it will be very inconvenient to associate with my sisters. It’s better to choose the city and it’s best to be in Jiangnan/District."
Lin Zhixiu said, "If you build a new house in the south of the Yangtze River, you may not be able to buy a large enough residential building."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Then buy several neighboring villas at a high price and merge them into one place to rebuild the house. Well, if you encounter any difficulties, let me help you at the same time. You must always get it done as soon as possible. Whether this matter causes public controversy should be ignored. Anyway, it will calm down after a while."
Lin zhixiu asked again, "then what kind of residential style should it be, oriental or western?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I don’t care whether it’s oriental or western. Please discuss it with Sister Yuri when you find it. It’s up to her, but don’t choose Korean architecture. It’s neither atmospheric nor beautiful. I don’t want to live in a room like that. Try to transplant some beautiful flowers and trees to make the surrounding environment more natural and beautiful. Of course, the collocation should be harmonious."
Lin Zhixiu added, "I’ll have someone transplant some of your favorite red berries."
"You’re thoughtful," Zhang Chengyuan added with a smile. "Of course, the most important thing is that Sister Yuri should be satisfied. You should communicate with her more and listen to her opinions. Oh, by the way, after I get married, you should follow me and move your residence to my newly-married house. Well, to be exact, I want you to build a villa by yourself according to your own ideas and preferences, but remember to build it next to my house because I can’t live without you."
Lin Zhixiu was delighted, but Ma shook his head again. "Boss, I live alone. There is no need to build any villa. If you need me to work near you, I will rent an apartment near your house."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Who said that you live alone? Didn’t Xuan Ying and Zhi En always live with you? Don’t you want to leave them after you move? And I’m sure I’ll come to see you from time to time if Sister Yuri is away from work. Do you want to wronged me? "
"But sister Yuri will agree with you to do this?" Lin zhixiu face be reluctant to say
Zhang Chengyuan laughed. "I knew you were really worried about this, but you need to worry about it. I have already discussed it with Sister Yuri. She has no objection at all and hopes that you can help her take care of me nearby, because she thinks it is very tiring to take care of me and she doesn’t like to help me manage my money."
Lin Zhixiu said, "I know what to do if Sister Yuri really wants to."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Don’t worry, she really agreed. You can ask her for proof after you don’t believe me. Well, it’s settled."
Chapter seven hundred and forty-nine Lee Wan conversation
Lin zhixiu talked about it, and then Zhang Chengyuan left, and then rushed to the airport to fly to Jeju Island to return to the Grand Prix crew to continue filming. Since then, he has been concentrating on filming and ignoring other things until July 6
In the afternoon, he left the crew, first returned to Seoul, then flew directly from Incheon Airport in Seoul to London, and arrived at London Heathrow Airport on the morning of the 7th. Then he took a bus to the downtown area of London to meet the creators of Inception. In the afternoon, Inception held its first large-scale meeting before the premiere, and the first premiere of the ball was held the next day. Then on the third day, July 9th, the crew and others moved to Paris for the second premiere.
Three large-scale publicity activities in three days in a row made Zhang Chengyuan a little annoyed. Fortunately, the publicity activities are only a few hours every day, so he still has a lot of leisure time to go out for a walk, such as drinking and chatting with other actors to contact his feelings. Wandering around some places of interest in London and Paris to increase your knowledge and change your mood, etc. Of course, he is not very keen on these things. He prefers to go back to China to meet his sisters or to film in the Grand Prix crew.
So after learning that the third premiere was held in Los Angeles, USA on July 13th, and there was no important event before the 1st to 1st, he took a leave of absence and returned to Seoul. First, sung yuri, Xiao Jing and others got together and then rushed to Jeju Island for filming.
Two days later, on the 1st, he returned to Seoul again to prepare to fly to Los Angeles to attend the North American premiere of Inception held in Los Angeles the next day. However, a few hours before that, he first went to the Lunshan Training Institute in Chungcheongnam-do with Kim Tae-Hee to send Kim Tae-Hee’s younger brother Lee Wan to enlist. Today is Lee Wan’s enlistment day.
The original Zhang Chengyuan didn’t want to send Lee Wan to join the army, because he felt that Lee Wan didn’t like him very much and he didn’t want to see what he was doing, and he didn’t want to be annoying. But the accident was that Lee Wan specifically asked Kim Tae-Hee to bring Zhang Chengyuan to send him and said that he wanted to talk to Zhang Chengyuan.
And since Lee Wan asked Zhang Chengyuan so much, it’s naturally hard to refuse. After all, Lee Wan is his "little brother". If he doesn’t make Kim Tae-Hee angry, he will give Lee Wan some time off together with the two leading actors. Will it delay the filming of the crew? He won’t care if he gives the crew a holiday anyway, just for a few hours.
At about eleven o’clock in the afternoon, Zhang Chengyuan and Kim Tae-Hee arrived at a restaurant near Lunshan Training Institute and immediately came to meet Lee Wan.
By this time, Lee Wan had shaved his short hair, wore a black T-shirt and jeans with holes, and looked much more civilian, but he was still quite handsome. After seeing Kim Tae-Hee, he was all smiles and very happy, but after seeing Zhang Chengyuan, his face sank.
Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t mind nodding at him and saying, "I wish you a happy life in the army and come back from military service as soon as possible." This is just a polite remark, but he doesn’t know what to say other than that, because Lee Wan must be impatient to hear him talk about how to gain experience in the army.
Lee Wan also nodded to him and then ignored it. Then he turned his head to talk to his sister Kim Tae-Hee. They haven’t seen each other for a long time and they are leaving soon. Naturally, Zhang Chengyuan has a lot to say, so he sat there quietly listening and thinking that Lee Wan will ask him out this time.
After a few minutes, Kim Tae-Hee’s order was sent in by the clerk, and Kim Tae-Hee greeted Lee Wan to eat it and gave him food from time to time. At this time, Zhang Chengyuan had almost forgotten it by her. Fortunately, Zhang Chengyuan understood that she was not eating at this time, so she listened and waited for Lee Wan to say what he meant.
Halfway through the meal, Lee Wan suddenly got up and said he was going to go out to the toilet, so he turned and walked out, but before he left, he looked at Zhang Chengyuan as if to imply that he would follow him.
Zhang Chengyuan understood his meaning and immediately got up and prepared to go out. Kim Tae-Hee also understood it. She cried and got worried. She took Zhang Chengyuan’s hand and whispered, "Don’t get angry if Cheng Yuan and my brother say something that makes you unhappy."
Zhang Chengyuan chuckled, "Elder sister, don’t worry, he’s your brother, my little brother. How can I lose my temper with him? I assure you that no matter what he says to me and how much he wants to hit me, I will endure it. "
Kim Tae-Hee Chen said, "My brother is not so savage. He has always been very kind. Of course, there may be some misunderstanding about you, so he has never given you a good face."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I know this, sister. Let’s not talk about it. I have to go out, otherwise he will be more dissatisfied with me when he is impatient."
"Oh, yeah, get out of here. Don’t keep him waiting," Kim Tae-Hee urged.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled at her and then walked out quickly.