He still holds Shu Lele’s hand and caresses her hair, and talks with her with a faint smile.

He didn’t look up when people came in. "Leave it there first!"
-We’d better report that if you don’t want to be so cool, it will offend people to give orders without looking clearly.
Sure enough, Mu smiled unnaturally. "Ning Wang Ye invited the old man to cure too much cold to see the princess."
"no!" Ning Yichen gave him a blank look, but he didn’t move. "The king of Xiangyang still has time to take care of his daughter."
Uh, this-
Jun Yan corners of the mouth take a sniffle for the first two steps and say with smile, "The report is the first doctor in the day to cure too much cold. Let him have a look." Say that finish, he blinked and smiled meaningfully.
Ningyichen this just slightly sideways please cold cure too much.
After a long time, the cold cure too much looks awe-inspiring. "It’s just because of some deficiency in pregnancy. Pay attention to rest and diet after that."
As soon as he said this, several people in the export room were relieved, but Ning Yichen saw the flash of dignity in his eyes and could not help but feel heavy. Holding Shu Lele’s hand also increased the intensity.
Shu Lele took a cold breath and gave him a look. "Wang Ye is not quick to thank others for cold cure too much and Xiangyang Wang Ye!"
Ning Yichen’s expression during his recovery was somewhat admired. He smiled. "Cold adult Xiao Wang has something to ask, please come and talk!"
So I took a deliberate look at Jun Shaoyan and then turned out of the house.
In the slant hall, Ning Yichen respectfully said, "Cold adults have long heard about your medical skills. Today, the younger generation wants to hear adults speak frankly. Is Lele still saved?"
"You already know?"
Ning Yichen pointed to Jun Shaoyan and nodded, "Well, this friend of the younger generation is also a junior in the medical school. I want to ask an adult to show me!"
"hey!" Cold cure too much sigh for a long time before caressing the beard and saying, "Lele, a poisonous old man, has seen it from the western regions more than ten years ago. Poisoned people often don’t feel it at first, but it is too late when they feel it. Moreover, this poison has the biggest feature that it can’t directly affect people. It must first go to livestock and then reach the eye through contact."
Is there such strange poison in the world? Jun Shao Yan couldn’t help but change his face and humbly asked, "Please show me that adults can have an antidote to this poison?" Should it be like a solution? "
But the cold doctor hesitated for a moment before sighing, "There is no antidote to this poison, and the only way is to change one life for another!"
"What do you mean?"
"If a normal person needs to find a healthy person to change his blood, it means that Kororo is pregnant and too weak, but this method can’t."
"What should I do?" NingYi dust heart has sunk to the bottom, dumb voice felt a kind of never had a panic.
"Can save her and have a baby in her belly!"
Cold cure too much said this sentence and then hardened her heart to tell the truth. "Lele’s unborn child is actually equivalent to no life, and a large part of her body poison has been absorbed by the child. This is also the reason why she can still support today. Ah, this is also her misfortune, but the child can’t be taken, and even if she is poisoned, Lele may not be pregnant again in the future."
"Is this true?" Ningyichen looked at him in disbelief and then at Jun Shaoyan. Seeing that both of them bowed their heads and sighed, the feeling of conan the destroyer swept him instantly.
The blow was so great that he was out of breath like a bolt from the blue.
However, Ning Yichen is still different from ordinary people. After a period of sadness and pain, he gritted his teeth and forced out a sentence, "It is worthwhile to have fun, even if it is a big price!"
"Well, after Lele’s body is better, the silver needle will lead all the toxins to the child and then call the child, and she should be fine." Cold cure too much said that all this is also a full face of sorrow.
No one can bear this matter. It is not easy for Ning Yichen to be so calm. He can pray that Shu Lele will be pregnant again by chance in the future.
Cold cure too much leave after NingYiChen himself in the room was silent for most of the day out of the door, he called highland barley eyes color a cold life way "ready to pack day back to Beijing".
Highland barley slightly stunned "Ye? Princess body-"don’t you still need to rest? Can you stand the bumps all the way?
Hearing him wake up, Shu Lele’s pale face suddenly crossed his eyes and hesitated. "Then wait another two days!"
Just have some things to do!
When he came into the room to see Shu Lele, Shu Mingxuan was with her and fed her soup with a bowl.
"I’ll do it!" Ningyichen smiled gently and looked at Shu Lele’s eyes full of warmth.
"hmm!" Shu Mingxuan handed him the bowl and got up. "Let’s go out first and call us if you need anything."
A mouthful of warm chicken soup was fed into Shu Lele’s small mouth. She swallowed it and blinked mischievously. "Can I become fat if I can eat dust every day?"
"It won’t be chubby at most!"
"Then will you not want me?"
"Fool! This question is very poor. Is your husband that kind of person? "
"But but-"Shu Lele swallowed. Her "xianggong" was so beautiful that she didn’t feel safe! She needs a strong drug. He’s the one who’s completely trapped
Then I hung my head and said, "I had a terrible dream when I was in a coma just now. I dreamed that you were holding Liu Xiaosan and didn’t want me and the baby."
This dream-it is really half right! NingYiChen look slightly smiled "dream things can take it seriously? Lele, you and your children are my babies, and I have no meaning to live without you. "
At that moment, Ning Yichen felt that his heart was aching and he was about to lose his child, and it was still unknown whether Shu Lele could solve all the toxins.
He hugged Shu Lele as if to comfort her, and as if to comfort himself, "Lele will hold hands and grow old together, and we will definitely go that day!" "
VIP174 little idiot
Shu Lele was surrounded by Ning Yichen’s warm arms, and a sense of happiness came into being.
She cocked her mouth slightly pale mouth and ordered an overbearing declaration on his face, "Little Dust holds hands and drags you away! You are my generation, and no one can take it away! "
"Ah ….." That beautiful romantic poem can be adapted like this? Ning Yichen couldn’t help laughing, and the gloom was all gone in Shu Lele’s affectionate and playful words.
He stroked Shu Lele’s little face with a meaningful smile. "I’m happy to let you drag! Or drag it now! "
"come on Beautiful little dust! " Shu Lele jokingly grabbed his long hair scattered over his shoulders and gently dragged it in front of him, then twisted it with his long hair into a beautiful braid.
"Isn’t it beautiful?" She held up the pigtail and kept laughing.
"beauty! This is the most beautiful plait in the world! " Ning Yichen’s mind popped up a poem’ The heart is like a double screen with Qian Qian’. He wished he could have trapped Shu Lele in his tenderness for generations of lovesickness.
In the courtyard, Shu Ming spoke coldly and asked MuLingXi lightly, "What are you still doing here? Do you want Lele to remember the past and put a knife in her heart? "
"no! I am a little worried about her! " MuLingXi bit his lip injustice tunnel
Recently, she has begged enough. She can swear that she has never been so wronged in her life.
But Shu Ming declared that he was still like that.
She sobbed and covered her face, and finally’ wow’ cried out.’ Shu Ming told you to bully me!’