Qiuyuan rubbed her hands and opened this small gift package.

[material information]
Common fishing rod
Quality green
Fishing for the Poké mon in Water
The probability of introducing the unified Poké mon hook is 70%, and the probability of precious Poké mon hook is 30%, with its own bait.
Qiuyuan is not greedy. It is very happy to get something from Tongna pit. It is very good to go fishing when there is nothing to do.
My mind was liberated from my memories. Qiu Yuan silently sighed, "I am talented and capable. I am looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to make any big noise recently, and I am afraid I will be caught and sliced."
Sleeping in a daze, leaving a dim indicator light in the train, people breathe more clearly than at this moment.
In the morning, Qiuyuan and Hoshino Yumo woke up one after another.
Rubbing the dirty things in the corner of my eyes, Chou Yuan’s sparkling eyes haven’t recovered from my dream yet.
Hoshino Yumo released Jojo and took out Qiuyuan’s own Ibrahimovic’s exclusive Poké mon food the other day. Little hands were flying around with Jojo’s head teasing it.
Qiuyuan called Chilulian and Xiaofu Egg out for breakfast. In front of the car, he gave Poké mon food to other Poké mon and brought it into Poké Ball.
Because of taking care of Qiu Yuan, a poor people, Ono Yumo bought an ordinary ticket for 3 yuan with him, which is a chair and a small table board.
The special ticket can be a separate room, although it is not big, but it can protect the privacy of passengers. Unfortunately, the ticket price is too expensive, which is a little cheaper than the plane ticket.
"Boo, boom, boom!"
Xiaofu Egg just came out of Poké Ball and saw Qiuyuan, so he jumped to Qiuyuan and put his arms around his neck. His little feet were pulling at Qiuyuan’s chest.
Qiuyuan smiled and held this cute ass, took out a pink Poké mon food like a puff and put it in Xiaofu’s mouth.
Xiaofu eats one egg in twos and threes and cries for more.
"Bo Ke Bo Ke ~"
"Do you still want to eat?" Qiuyuan laughed
Xiaofu egg nodded and then nodded.
"But it’s gone. You ate it all."
Xiao Fu’s egg was shocked with disbelief. She hugged Qiu Yuan’s neck and shook her head around Qiu Yuan’s bar, which made him itch.
Qiuyuan haha laughed and took out a small jar from his pocket and poured out some special food for Xiaofu eggs.
As soon as Xiaofu Egg saw that there was still so much of her favorite food, she immediately abandoned Qiuyuan and scampered to the table to eat breakfast happily.
Qiuyuan discontentedly patted Xiaofu’s egg head and was unhappy.
Kirlia sat gracefully on the edge of the table with a plate of purple Poké mon food in her hand and flew to her and was eaten by her.
Soon after breakfast, I tweeted from Hoshino Youmo to Qiuyuan’s side and watched curiously as Xiaofu eggs ate with relish.
"Ibrahimovic? Why does she eat differently from me? ) "chirp little head full of great doubts.
Xiaofu egg looked up at the chirp and bowed their heads and enjoyed the food again.
Jojo, watching her reborn as a hungry ghost, I can’t help wondering how delicious this food is. I just made myself particularly satisfied. The Poké mon food is not fragrant in an instant.
Carefully stretch out your paws and chirp at Xiaofu Egg. Squinting at the opportunity, you can touch a pink ball with lightning speed.
What? You call this stealing?
No, no,no. How can it be stealing? Can it be called stealing about Poké mon?
Happy to see this pink Poké mon food in my hand, I was about to eat it, and suddenly I was locked in my destiny throat … I really was locked in my throat.
Qiuyuan grabbed the choo choo by the neck, picked it up and looked at it with a big face. "Are you stealing food?"
Jojo hurriedly put his hand behind his back and shook his head, denying it.
This little lucky egg, who ate all the food on the plate, got angry at the sight of choo choo with her back behind her and clutching her food in her hand.
What’s going on, little brother? You dare to touch my things? No wonder I said why I’m not full? !
Xiaofu smashed the egg, smashed the mouth, and looked indignant. She went to Qiuyuan with a round belly and a small hand pointing at Qiuyuan.
"Boh! Boo, boom, boom! (master! That’s what kept me from eating! )”
Qiuyuan smiled and looked at Xiaofu Egg, and his right hand pointed at her little head. Xiaofu Egg was overturned on the table board and rolled a few times.
"You’re so full, don’t join in the fun. No, then I won’t give it to you."
Xiaofu egg lying on the table quickly waved his hand to show that he didn’t eat.
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Chapter 15 A food leads to conjecture
Jojo was carried in the middle by Qiuyuan, and her feet shook wildly trying to break free.
This scene makes Hoshino Youmo’s heart melt, and he can’t help laughing.
Finally, in the unyielding struggle, Qiuyuan let it go and stuffed the little egg food dug out of its small claws into its mouth.
"I can tell you, this is not for you. You may not like the taste."
As soon as Qiuyuan’s voice fell, she ate this little pill cleanly, and her little face showed a humanized enjoyment expression.
"PSST …"
Qiuyuan looked at the chirping neck soothing bell in surprise and thought of a possibility.
This Poké mon food is prepared by Qiu Yuan according to the introduction of various trees and fruits in his mind, which can improve the sensitivity of Xiaofu eggs to goblin elements.
Xiaofu egg is not qualified, which is why she has a round stone but has not evolved into a lucky egg.
But this Ibrahimovic is obviously more suitable for fairy elements, so it is more likely to evolve into fairy elves, just as Youmo likes fairy elves.
I thought in my heart that Qiuyuan planned to improve this Poké mon food made by herself sometimes, perhaps to the point where it could be put on the market.