The fourth volume Important notice Raise the anti-theft banner again!

Well, after serious thinking, 3000 made another decision, a decision that I gave up once, and that was prevention!
First of all, let’s talk about what to prevent again. In the past few days, everyone has found that the update of 3 thousand is very unstable. There are not many days in the middle of the night, and many times it is two shifts.
Because the subscription of 3 thousand has been dropping the transition plot and giving up the defense for a long time recently, this result is dropping 3 thousand and absent-minded
The three thousand decided to carry the flag again!
Of course, another reason why 3000 decided to defend is that when 3000 changed the chapter, the mobile department of qq city line at the client side would not change it, and it would have to be deleted and added before it could be changed!
But it’s different now. Supporters’ maintenance not only closes a lot of post bars, but also changes the defense chapter to the normal chapter after releasing the defense chapter. Whether it’s the client or the qq city line mobile will be changed at the first time!
That is to say, there is almost no impact on the three thousand re-release defense now.
Of course, before making this decision, 3,000 had already communicated with readers in my subscription group. Here, 3,000 would like to thank all readers for their support, because almost all of them agreed with me to make a defense decision. Thank you!
I don’t know what to say to readers. I have said this sentence for a few cents a day, so I won’t say it again. Think of me as a eunuch with poor grades
Then, since I have spoken for 3,000 yuan, let’s say a few more words. Actually, this writing is a fork in the road now. Whether to finish or finish the s6 finals after si has not been decided yet. If the 4-hour booking result is really bad, 3,000 yuan will consider finishing it after the si contest. Of course, I will try my best to write every chapter anyway!
Then finally put a vip group 1856451 (fans can enter)
Ok, not to mention, a family of more than ten people are waiting for me to cook for them. Good night ~
By the way, once again, readers need to wait for half an hour or an hour before reopening the chapter. The client will automatically correct it without any trouble. Thank you for your support ~
The fourth volume The first and second unveiling
Staples Center is located in downtown Los Angeles, California, USA. It was officially opened on January 17, 1999. It is a multi-functional gymnasium and a major sports facility in Los Angeles.
On May 3rd, the atmosphere surrounding the League of Legends in Staples has already reached its peak since the early morning. Of course, the most beautiful journalists and boxers in various countries are still around the S men and women in Staples Center.
Si will have three games that day, that is, six teams will play, and the opening game will be held in gg team and de team.
This event arrangement was made by the fist company official the next day after the de team released the si goal of the de team on Twitter.
There is no doubt that even ordinary audiences know how ingenious the opening ceremony of fist company is.
De successfully won quite a lot of attention through a public opinion that swept the China team in the final 3.
Of course, on the day of the opening ceremony, reporters, League of Legends fans and major professional teams were nervously preparing for the upcoming si ball finals in the afternoon. When League of Legends Day official website was another post, it was quickly pushed to the top of the popular headlines, and then the wind was generally turned around by various national competition networks.
"Tokyo competitive reporter exclusive interview gg team home wild gdeyes? Gdeyes revealed that the shocking news will play against the S secret array before the battle against the de team! "
"gdeyes suspected that the secret array of gg team made us look forward to the opening ceremony?"
"Tokyo’s competitive female reporter visited gdeyes exclusively before the game, and the tone was not strict, revealing that the strongest array was suspected of being a single tsar in Shan Maokai, and the blind monk Lu Xi’ an and the cow head chief!"
"Haha, the China team really has a secret array. It seems that the Tokyo competition reporter is very powerful and has dug up such a big material."
"If this is really the case, then the gg team is really strong. If you want to get rid of Chief Niutou and Maokai, you can’t let them get such a strong team battle array."
"And de should respond. Although the strength of gg team is generally inferior to that of de team, if there is a secret array, it is likely to surpass its own strength."
Official website, League of Legends in Japan, when such a post appeared in doubt before everyone was waiting for the arrival of the si contest, all Japanese fans were boiling.
"My god told Japanese reporters about the array? Is it necessary to play de in such a regular array? "
"There is nothing wrong with not underestimating an opponent, but I don’t think my god will really reveal the game array. Even if it is these five people in the end, it is unlikely to be revealed by my god, but it happens to be right. After all, these five people are very strong heroes."
"I also think my god is unlikely to reveal the array to reporters, but is it really necessary to deal with a de secret array?"
"I don’t have to wait for the opening ceremony in the afternoon to say these things now."
And when you love to play again and turn this post to the homepage of the website quickly, players in China Division also exploded when waiting for the game to come.
Most rational audiences still know that gdeyes has exposed the competition array, which is unlikely to be obvious. This is a deliberate exaggeration by some media bloggers, but the Tokyo competition reporter said in his post that the gg team will move secretly, and it is definitely not the end of the hole, which makes some viewers discuss it one after another.
While all League of Legends fans in the world are waiting, the opening ceremony of the si competition is approaching quietly.
At three o’clock, the Staples Center in Los Angeles has not yet entered the stadium, and crowds are crowded around the square in front of the door.