"Fuck off, you bastard!" Red-haired youth root, the leader of LUN’s capable thugs, doesn’t care about Imil wearing Columbia University on one side.

He raised his fist and hit Matt with a whirring wind.
On the other side, Imil started to fight with those young people with red hair. These are street hooligans and surrounded Imil.
If it was still before the resurrection, Imil or Wu Di in the past life would have been beaten to the ground at the moment.
But Imil, who has become a ghost body, has never paid attention to these heavy fists. When his body kept jumping and dodging, he instantly transformed his body into a virtual soul body.
The light in the billiards bar is dim, and these punks who are hard to "beat people" simply don’t notice Imil’s vision. They often see that they have hit Imil’s fist, but when they see Imil’s body, the light is twisted and they somehow break through.
Imil root didn’t take these people’s attacks seriously. He even started chatting and always played his own role. "It seems that after my body becomes a ghost, I can avoid ordinary physical attacks!"
"I don’t know if there is any limit to this ability. Is it completely attacking the physical epidemic or being able to avoid ordinary people’s attacks? Otherwise, if I am facing an energy attack or a magic attack, can I avoid it? " Well, this question is very profound and valuable for research. Imil was a little lost in thought at the moment
It’s hard work. Those punks who are sweating like rain are panting and looking at each other. Is this yellow-skinned monkey so able to jump up to something that he can’t touch a hair?
Matt stepped back to avoid the wind of red hair boxing, and then he appeared behind red hair as soon as he turned around. Red hair wanted to turn around and punch, but his arm was firmly controlled by Matt.
He took the gunman and just wanted to lift Matt, he already lifted his foot and kicked him.
The foot slammed into the red hairy body like a galloping train. He was kicked off the ground by the foot and flew up. His whole body hit the billiards bar with a pistol in his hand and flew out. Matt gently stepped on the ground.
In the billiards bar, a few tables of guests were blocked by young people with red hair, and they couldn’t leave the door. Now they all cheered together when they saw Imil and Matt show their talents. These big guests shouted and fanned the flames, asking Matt to kill these players.
Imil easily knocked a few tired and panting men to the ground, and some turned to Matt curiously. He wanted to see what the superhero, the one-night wonder, would do to these bastards.
Matt squatted down in front of the red hair and asked patiently, "So, sir, since you interrupted the owner’s right hand, should you pay the price for your illegal behavior now?"
"You’re such a nonsense uncle. If you want to fight or kill, it’s up to you." Red hair has been working in Aaron’s hand for so many years, and all the evil people have seen it.
He could feel the Shaqi coming from Matt’s body. There was no doubt that Matt was an outlaw. There was no difference between these outlaws, but he still held out a glimmer of hope. "I told you that you had no proof that I interrupted Jefferies. I was guilty!"
Matt looked at the red hair and then looked up at Imil’s position. "Really, but I don’t agree with you."
He pinched his hand on Red Hair’s arm. Little by little, Red Hair immediately screamed in pain. He knew that if he put a little more force on this blind man, his arm would be pinched off.
He cried out in pain, "Who said you were a judge? Why do you convict me?"
Matt seems to be talking to Red Hair and explaining to Imil that "morality is the judge’s just verdict that you are guilty! Don’t worry about your own strength. If you want your conscience to speak, you can do it! The easy way to deal with assholes is violence! "
Chapter 16 The beating is beating ()
"But I won’t punish you today. That’s the punisher’s job, not me." Maybe it’s because Matt was too fierce before. When he let go of the red hair youth’s arm, Red hair was still in a wandering state.
He asked stupefied, "So what do you want me to do?"
Matt got up from the ground and hid in sunglasses. The white pupil looked coldly at the red-haired youth. "As you said, billiards will win or lose. If you win, Imil and I will let you go."
Red hair was the first one who didn’t believe such a good thing. He asked, "What if I lose?"
Red-haired eyes turned around in the billiards bar. Since he was chosen by Karen to take over the billiards of Jeffrey, he is also very good at billiards.
Unless his eyes are so good that he can’t see his own field, no one here will be his opponent.
The only old Jaffer who can steadily surpass others in billiards skills has long been interrupted by someone he sent, and now it is impossible to make a move.
"Then leave your right hand to compensate the boss here." Matt didn’t lift his eyes. He pointed in the direction of Imil and said, "It’s him who is competing with you."
“wha!” Imil was so surprised that he almost spilled orange juice all over himself. He looked at Matt and pointed to himself and said, "Mr. Matt, you mean let me play billiards with this red hair?"
There was a light in the eyes of the young man with red hair. He was still holding his arm and struggling to get up from the ground and said, "My name is."
"You shut up!" "I’m not interested in your name!"
Imil and Matt yelled at him at the same time before his name was said.
Matt nodded and walked over to Imil and whispered in his ear, "Do your best to bring him fear."
Imil is still not too white. Matt means that he is a little stunned. Matt added, "Maybe you haven’t noticed it yourself, but I can feel that all the negative energy generated by fear here is slowly attaching to you. Although I am not too white, what’s the matter? But I think you will need them."
How could such a thing happen?
Imil didn’t feel it himself, but when you think about Matt’s body, Daredevil’s other senses besides vision are more sensitive than ordinary people, so it’s relieved.
He closed his eyelids slightly and felt carefully. Matt said it was true
This small billiards bar is full of resentment caused by fear, but most of these resentment is in the red-haired youth and his hand, and a small part of it is borrowed by himself.