This obviously means that Luta’s money department will be given to ad.

Generally speaking, when changing lines, this kind of bill will often appear, which will make the tower money develop badly.
But this game gg team directly gave the well-developed ad, which really surprised Reggie and gaga.
"And after this wave, Lucian is the first blue knife to go back to the city directly. She must have an attack speed shoe and a small dagger."
"Look at their side it was to change lines with the tree. Did ari Jianji have ten minutes to develop? It is necessary to face the double team. In this case, if the development of Jianji is suppressed again, he will be far less than Dashu. "
Reggie and gaga, after seeing this wave of gg team, chose to change the line as expected, and they also knew that the biggest disaster came after ari was killed by a wave.
If Jianji, a hero, is not well developed online, there is almost no place in team battle.
"They are going to change the line. Can you change it?"
Ari also said in the headset immediately after seeing gg’s move in the game.
In this game, he knows that his S side is the most dependent on output in the team battle. If the economy is suppressed, then the overall situation of S will fall into a huge disadvantage.
"If we can’t come, the defense tower has been pulled down when we exchange roads."
But at this time, bangg and wf have almost reached the road, and the roots will not be exchanged.
"gg here is a direct line change success, and it is difficult for S to change the line again."
"In that case, this wave of ari will be very uncomfortable on the road. He can’t stop Xiao Pang and B from pushing the line at all, and my monkey side is wandering on the road again."
Commentary Sergey and gaga know the gg team’s style of play, and it’s too difficult for you to stop him once you get him up and running.
"If I dare to defend it, I will directly recruit the tower to kill people!"
On the night of the game, Feng still refused to leave the road when he saw ari Jianji, and took one look at it. Rexam was coming over and said directly in the headset.
If this wave is assisted by another hero, S, who is so guarding the tower, they will definitely not be able to push it, but Bud’s ability to climb the tower is not inferior to that of Niutou, especially when other monkeys and Lucian are very hurt.
"My god’s side has indeed come. Is ari Jianji safe with Rick? Bud directly recruited people! "
On the big screen, when the road line pushed into the defensive tower, ari Jianji was not ready to leave when she arrived at Rexroth, but Bud made a big move to reconcile her fate after seeing that the monkey had arrived.
The defensive tower built by the sorcerer’s stone instantly turned into a golden piece!
The fourth volume Chapter one thousand and fifteen Ambush
"Bud’s direct big move to reconcile fate settled the defensive tower. I realized that eq Erlian Sword Ji directly handed over the flash!
Do you still want to chase this wave? It’s a long way to catch Q Jianji. "
In the huge screen pilot lens of Staples Center Arena, when this wave of gg team road duo pushes the soldier line into the road defense tower and ari Jianji is still not ready to leave, he arrives at B Bud with the night maple monkey without hesitation.
Although I know that Rexroth has arrived, in the case of three strikes and two strikes, Budd’s big move and fate can make the defense tower feel like a thing in a few seconds, and ari Jianji finally handed over the flash directly when she saw the monkey eq.
"ari handed over the flash. He should have left early, but now he wants a flash."
"ari knew that he and Rexay could hold this tower when gdeyes didn’t appear, but it was difficult to defend it when gdeyes came."
Lk live Jingtai and Junkui are also seeing this scene. ari didn’t leave early and finally handed over a flash in vain. It’s also very unpleasant to know that this wave of ari is too bad.
"Let’s go. We can’t keep it."
Ari glanced at the picture of the tower, and the gg team had approached the tower. They cut off the path for him and Rexay to go back.
"Just tear down the tower and they won’t come back."
Ye Feng glanced at Jianji and Rexay, and it was impossible for them to wander around the first and second towers and want to come back again.
"gg is going to dismantle the tower directly here, so this tower S is difficult to defend."
After pushing Jianji out of the defensive tower, the big-screen gg team road duo team cooperated with the wild team, and they did not intend to pursue it again. Instead, they directly began to dismantle a tower. It is obviously the most important choice for them to dismantle the tower after gaining a big advantage.
The rhythm is too important for a game, and the importance of continuous tower demolition is self-evident.
"gg, the speed of dismantling the tower by three people here is still very fast. One tower should be gone."
Bang …
The huge screen tower of Staples Center Arena was dismantled by gg three people and quickly became a remnant blood. Although unwilling, S couldn’t defend against being forced out of the defensive tower. Even if it was teamed up with Rexair, it couldn’t be gg team. The damage of these three opponents was not enough.
"One tower of S Road has also been demolished. If two defense towers are demolished, it will still have a great impact on S. Don’t say that it is just a wild area, which is equivalent to opening the back door for me to enter at will."
"However, in terms of gg team’s playing style, it is impossible for them not to have a mind on one tower in the middle after tearing down two defense towers in a row, and gg team’s ability to cross the tower in this array is so imposed that I can play a subtle cooperation with Yasuo. Sure enough, gg has to move the canyon pioneer first."
The big screen pilot lens of Staples Center Arena closely followed the gg team road duo and Daye. After tearing down a tower, the three directly started to take the Canyon Pioneer without a wave.
"S side should have found gg team playing the pioneer of the canyon and started to mark it on the map."
"Did the auxiliary and fielding departments come over to defend in the middle?"
S side immediately rushed to the middle road from two roads after knowing that gg team might take action next.
Judging from the direction of the gg team, even if the big dragon circle has no vision, they also know that everyone must be playing the canyon pioneer
"Jo …"
Ten seconds later, this monster, which is more difficult to fight than Xiaolong, was killed in Dalong Circle with a wail.