"When I first entered Tiexue Town, there were no more than ten."

"Yes," Fang Hu scratched his scalp and suddenly laughed. "In a blink of an eye, more than a year has passed, and a year has passed since he escaped and killed him. I don’t think even a few bastards in Storm Corps thought that we could still live to this day."
He refers to robbing pride and dancing the setting sun.
"Well, I guess they’ve been waiting for us to die before attacking the cold wind, but they won’t move until we die. Guess what I think?"
"Say" Fang Hu lazy way
"I think if one day we can really live away from the rainbow, I will definitely sit down with them and have a drink to catch up and see their faces."
"Don’t watch can also imagine can be scared to death by you believe it or not? If you can really do it, the whole Storm Corps will obey your orders from now on, they will go wherever you let them go, and they will kill whoever you let them kill, even if you are not always handsome. "
"soldier always listen to that general who can lead them to victory."
"Yes" Fang Hu ha ha laugh.
"It’s a pity that I can’t do this after all." Shallow water smiled bitterly and poked Fang Hu around him. "Hey, honestly, do you regret knowing me?"
Fang Hu sat up. "What are you farting about? I don’t know you, but you may be lying in some loess pile drinking the northwest wind now. We live as soldiers. If you drink today and get drunk tomorrow, you can lead us to victory. Everyone is happy to die like this. Let’s die vigorously. Which soldier in the first town of iron and blood now walks into the street and pats his chest so as not to frighten people? Don’t you think so? "
"Yes!" A few things nearby laughed and answered together.
"It’s a pity that fate wants us to die. No one can help it." Mu Xue ran over and put in a word.
"Don’t be an act of God. It seems that there are teams coming to have an autumn wind. Let’s see what we can grab to fill our stomachs." A team of people not far from the sharp slope of the shallow water are coming here to see a small number of people, but the sharp spears and armor of the big horses are rare to see, especially in the eyes of veterans like the shallow water Qing Fang Hu. Such troops are as flashy as the honor guard walking on the hillside without even putting a scout. Obviously, they have not experienced any war.
Having a windfall is a common trick in Tiexue Town, especially in the early days, when it relied on looting houses. Tiexue Town doesn’t know how much wealth it has plundered. Now, after the riots, the trail of business travel has almost disappeared, and even the St. Will people and urban alliance businessmen have run back to their own countries to take refuge, so it is more difficult to have a windfall. Today, I didn’t expect a team to take the initiative to send it to their door.
Shallow water Qing didn’t intend to let go of this delivery door to buy and sell more than 10,000 soldiers, who were familiar with the stealth, stealth, encirclement, etc. Before the commander gave the order, they surrounded the team sadly, and they screamed and rushed out to pack the team.
Shallow water Qing looked at the hillside from a distance and saw that the team put down their weapons and surrendered almost without resistance. There was a luxury carriage coming out of the team. A frightened Hua Gong seemed to be talking to the leading soldiers in Tiexue Town, apparently pleading for mercy.
An officer was obviously impatient. No matter what the man said, he pushed the man rudely and searched the property in the car. However, after a while, the car-searching soldiers hurried to bring the man slope to see what they found.
General, we found this in the motorcade.
Giving it to Shallow Water Clear is a small coat of arms, but the lettering on the face surprised Shallow Water Clear.
"Who do they claim to be?"
"passing caravan"
"Hum, how can there be a royal heraldic tiger in the caravan? Come and see what is carved on this side."
Fang Hu took it and exclaimed, "Lian Wang?"
On hearing this cry, the Hua Gong was so scared that his whole body went soft.
No one thought that Liang Jin, the two kings of Jing Hong, would fall into the arms of Tiexue Town at this time!
Since shallow water Qing joined the army, he has never stopped accepting that the day has given him accidents again and again, and all these are bad except for almost one thing.
In all the memories of shallow water, accident is a hateful word, because it always brings a series of bad luck of its own, such as sacrifice, failure, escape, etc. Although it tries its best, it can’t escape the sky. It arranges God to play with things like a naughty child playing with a kitten and a puppy in his hand, and then it will destroy all its efforts at will.
It was not until one day that he got tired of playing and didn’t want to play any more, so he threw away a small gift and left.
This is the first time that Shallow Water Qing has encountered an unexpected surprise in his life. King Jing Hong appeared in the right place at the right time. He didn’t know whether this was an apology from God or his luck really changed, but he knew that with this man’s appearance, there was finally a ray of light in Tiexue Town.
At the moment, Liang Jin has recovered his composure.
He didn’t expect his team to die so hard that it would bump into the arms of Tiexue Town.
This scared him enough at first, especially when he was in front of him at the moment, which is now turning the whole rainbow upside down.
His father’s 300,000-strong army failed to get rid of the shallow water, and he was as humble as an ant in the eyes of the shallow water, and his noble royal brother was really nothing in the hands of these powerful people.
In fact, the shallow water is pure and innocent, but the generals around him look at themselves like they are very hungry. The wolf sees the lamb with delicious meat and spits out fierce greed and bloodthirsty light in their eyes.
Fang Hu licked his mouth and scolded, "It’s so fucking evil that I didn’t try my best to transfer it to his old son, but I automatically sent it to the door."
Mu Xue laughed. "It seems that God didn’t abandon us."
Bi Qing said darkly, "I don’t think it’s necessary to be happy too early, so the value is completely different in the eyes of the rainbow-shocked people. I think it’s difficult to blackmail the rainbow-shocked people."
"Even if you can’t walk out, you can get something for it. At any rate, he’s a rainbow king. He should always be worth some money."
"Then send hand to try in the past? Aren’t we just going to hit Fenggu? "
"If it doesn’t work, it will startle the snake."
"It’s really troublesome to arrive."
"It’s a pity that it’s so tasteless."
People are talking about whether they consider each other’s feelings when they say these words, just as people are talking about whether this fish is braised or steamed and delicious. Liang Jin was out of her mind at that time
It’s still shallow water, and it’s the fastest way to restore calm. It’s meaningful to say, "Even if the chicken ribs are good, they can also play their own value. Many times, the chicken ribs are just because the kitchen skills are not enough. It’s better to give him a chance to prove himself before we are sure how valuable this palace is."
At that time, Liang Jin immediately turned white.
In the face of a man like Tiexue Town, it is impossible to beg for mercy without expecting mercy from his opponent. The only person who can save his life is not others but himself.
If people in Tiexue Town want to value themselves, they must first show their respect for themselves. He immediately put on his clothes and made a bow to the shallow water. "Liang Jin has seen the shallow general. Today, he is fortunate to see the general. My teacher Yan Zhenping once said that the fate of heaven is uncertain. Today’s disaster is not a Japanese blessing. Liang Jin doesn’t care, but after seeing the general today, his mind will clear up. Maybe it is god’s destiny that you and I will meet today!"
Shallow water clear eyebrows a young, of course, he can see that Liang Jin’s face is comfortable and his back has been soaked with sweat. Although he is trying to calm down, he still has some bravery and wealth, especially in such a short few words, he has expressed multiple meanings. First, he tried to prove his beneficial value to shallow water and carried out Yan Zhenping, suggesting that the other party should look at a strict face. Obviously, there are still some standards. His interest is great. He said, "It seems that people and Lian Wang can really communicate with each other."
There is a small piece of clear water and Liang Jin on Luoma Slope, which has been filled with tables and drinks.
These dining tables are all Liang Jin’s own trips with the car, Wu Lian Wang, and the natural ostentation and extravagance is great. There are three court chefs alone, and the whole team has a total of more than 1,000 people. Except for the 300 soldiers of the escort team, the others are here to serve this inexpensive Wang Ren.
Tiexue Town didn’t rob many delicacies such as grain and grass, but it didn’t lack all the food of the whole team, which was enough for Tiexue Town to eat two meals. However, if these two meals are valuable, they can be exchanged for ordinary food for one year.
It’s absolutely good to eat well in Tiexue Town, which makes the soldiers curse the royal corruption while enjoying the food. Everyone outside is hungry, but they still eat some delicacies.
Shallow water Qing picked up the white jade bottle with the dragon head, slowly poured a bottle of royal liquid wine into the Yuhuan flying wing cup in front of them, and then handed it to Liang Jinguo and said, "Lian Wang please."
Perhaps the gentle gesture of shallow water infected Liang Jin, who is in a big mood at the moment.