In addition, there are some fans around the airport who have heard the news in advance, well, they are sung yuri fans, and Zhang Chengyuan’s fans didn’t make it public in advance because Zhang Chengyuan accompanied sung yuri this time. This is actually his habit of not letting the media and fans know every time he goes abroad and returns home, because he really doesn’t like being blocked by the media and fans-it’s too noisy.

Then Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri took a luxury nanny car arranged by Longyuan Entertainment Company. Although the Shanghai branch of skinfd also prepared a car, Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri didn’t want to take different cars separately, so they drove away. Then they didn’t stay in the hotel arranged by skinfd, but stayed in Longyuan Entertainment Company. They booked a five-star hotel in advance for the same reason, but skinfd didn’t care, which also saved them a lot.
When she arrived at the hotel, she had a rest and had lunch, and then sung yuri left the hotel to prepare for work. She didn’t come to Shanghai this time like Zhang Chengyuan. She had to perform the duties of skinfd brand spokesperson and go to the skinfd stage of China Beauty Expo to make a presentation.
Zhang Chengyuan can’t accompany her naturally, and going there will definitely affect her work, so he has nothing to do and went to inspect the headquarters of Yi Long Yuan Entertainment Company in Shanghai and Shanghai.
Because Zhang Chengyuan is rich and willing to spend money, the office building of Longyuan Entertainment Company is also magnificent. Its location is in the bustling area of Shanghai and the office area is quite wide, and the facilities are almost as good as jsw Company. After all, it represents chenglong and his face. If it is too shabby, there will be no stars to join in the future.
But at present, Longyuan Entertainment Company is still in its infancy, and it is not famous. Therefore, even if the office building is magnificent, there is no famous star note. At present, there is not much to do except acting as an agent for some Korean stars to perform in China and training China native trainees.
Oh, and Han Geng, who is now the biggest artist in Longyuan Entertainment Company, is still in the process of litigation in his S company and is not ready for his comeback, so he doesn’t have much notice except to step up his practice at present, but he has been honored to be a volunteer ambassador for the Shanghai World Expo recently, which is a good thing for him and the company, and I believe his future will be brighter.
This time, Zhang Chengyuan also met Han Geng at the headquarters of Longyuan Entertainment Company. He came here specially after hearing that Zhang Chengyuan would come to Shanghai today. He was sincerely grateful to Zhang Chengyuan because Zhang Chengyuan made him determined to help him get rid of S company and return to the embrace of the wider motherland. Although he is not sure that his future success will surpass his time in superjunir, he will certainly be able to live more comfortably and earn more money, so as to better repay his parents.
After seeing Han Geng, Zhang Chengyuan was also slightly happy. After all, Han Geng is someone he appreciates. If he has the ability to regain Han Geng’s foothold in the entertainment circle in China and push him to a higher position in the future, he will do a great thing. When he was idle, he chatted with Han Geng.
"Long time no see. How are you now?" Zhang Chengyuan asked
"Well, it’s good. It’s both substantial and practical," Han Geng replied respectfully.
"Uh, how’s the body care?" Zhang Chengyuan freely asked 1 again.
Han Geng said, "I have almost recovered from my injuries, and now I am very healthy, thanks to my predecessors. If you hadn’t asked the company to find a famous doctor to help me recuperate, I might not have recovered so quickly."
Zhang Chengyuan smiled faintly. "Don’t thank me too much. This is my pre-investment. I believe you will help me earn it back."
"I will work hard!" He doesn’t care about Zhang Chengyuan’s words, because he has realized that Zhang Chengyuan is actually a person with a cold face and a warm heart. Of course, he feels that he can’t correctly summarize Zhang Chengyuan.
"By the way, how are you getting ready for your solo concert and your first solo album?" Just now, Zhang Chengyuan listened to the person in charge of Longyuan Company.
Han Geng said, "I’m well prepared to keep improving. When I’m going to practice for a while, I may not hold a concert or release an album until two months later."
Zhang Chengyuan said lightly, "Don’t worry, practice hard, that is, our company is not a quick success company, and we will never rashly ask you to do things that you are not prepared for, and we will not give you notices at will."
Chapter seven hundred and thirty-four Pick up; chat
After chatting with Han Geng for a while, Zhang Chengyuan said goodbye to him and the horse left Longyuan Entertainment Company and went to the airport by car. The reason for this was that he suddenly received a message to meet her at the airport, and this person was Liu Yifei.
Compared with talking to Han Geng, Liu Yifei naturally matters, so he didn’t say goodbye to Han Geng in a hurry. Han Geng naturally won’t say anything about Zhang Chengyuan’s performance. It’s been a long time since he chatted with him.
At the airport, Zhang Chengyuan opened his mind and soon found Liu Yifei wearing glasses and a cap, and then took her away quickly before more people recognized them.
In fact, many people have recognized Liu Yifei and him. After all, their figure and appearance are outstanding, and they are all famous people. Even if they simply put on makeup, they can escape the sharp eyes of some fans. Well, unless they spend a lot of time putting on makeup to make themselves ugly as in the past, how can they do it at this time?
Liu Yifei can’t make ugly makeup in advance if he wants to go through the security check, but Zhang Chengyuan doesn’t have makeup tools around him and can’t do it. Special means are easy to cause eyes in front of the driver. Maybe they will have photos of them on the Internet later, but they don’t care about the scandal. They are used to it, and they can gossip with each other and they don’t feel fall in price.
But there is one thing that Zhang Chengyuan is very concerned about. Liu Yifei came to the sea alone this time. She is not very safe when she is alone. Of course, she is not necessarily really upset. Zhang Chengyuan is so worried, so on the way back to the city, he can’t help but blame, "Yifei, you are too reckless this time. How can you go out alone if you are kidnapped by bad people?"
While he was talking, he did some processing to the sound, so that the driver in the front compartment could not hear or hear the people behind him clearly, and the purpose of doing so was naturally due to privacy considerations.
Liu Yifei laughed. "Brother Zhang, you’re exaggerating. What’s the danger in public? I wouldn’t choose this situation if someone kidnapped me, and didn’t I ask you to pick me up? Who can move me with you as a kung fu master? "
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and said, "No matter what, you have to be careful and don’t do this again. By the way, how do you know that I am in Shanghai now?" I wish it wouldn’t be chenglong again this time. Tell her, right?
Although chenglong did know that he had come to Shanghai and Shanghai through Longyuan Entertainment Company and planned to fly over to meet him in the past two days, Liu Yifei doesn’t live in Shanghai, and chenglong shouldn’t ask her to take care of him again, so he wouldn’t tell her about his coming to Shanghai and Shanghai.
And his guess is quite correct. It’s true that chenglong didn’t tell her, but the person who told her about it surprised him to hear Liu Yifei say, "Sister Yuri told me."
"Is Yuri elder sister? Why did she tell you this? " Zhang Chengyuan was puzzled.
Liu Yifei was a little unhappy. "Why can’t Sister Yuri tell me that we are good friends now? Brother Zhang, it seems that you didn’t want to see me just now?"
Zhang Chengyuan quickly argued, "How come? I don’t know how happy I am to see you. I’m just surprised. Well, when did you become good friends with Sister Yuri? "
Liu Yifei said, "Sister Yuri and I have been in contact for a long time since we met during the eight-year Olympic Games, and naturally we became good friends." Suddenly I saw Zhang Chengyuan looking at her suspiciously, and she quickly argued, "Brother Zhang, don’t think about it. I didn’t deliberately get close to Sister Yuri just to get your idea. I’m not interested in you!"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "You’re just imagining things. I wonder if you and Yuri can talk?"
"Why not?" Liu Yifei asks.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "You don’t know Korean, and Sister Yuri doesn’t know Chinese. Oh, no, Sister Yuri knows Chinese, or I taught her. How could I forget?"
Liu Yifei laughed. "How can you be Yuri’s elder sister’s boyfriend and even forget this?"
"Er, aside from this, Yifei, what are you doing in Shanghai this time?" Zhang Chengyuan changed the subject.
Liu Yifei said, "It’s nothing. I just came to see you and sister Yuri and then look at the World Expo."
"Well, how about staying at my sister’s couch hotel in Yuri?" Zhang Chengyuan asked that if Liu Yifei stayed in other hotels, he wouldn’t be relieved if he couldn’t take care of it.