She smiled and said that in our present world, the past Millennium will also be the next Millennium. Here, the land lives and dies, and generations of old faces have disappeared, and new faces have come again, constantly changing and changing. Over the years, human thoughts are progressing and developing.

A thousand years later, a girl gave birth.
Where has she lived for twenty-five years, or is she alone? She works like a machine to earn money to support herself.
Although she doesn’t care about the vase secrets, she still refrains from living day by day. One day, she gave her colleagues a hand that she didn’t sleep for three days and three nights and worked hard to make a project. She was so angry that she woke up with anger.
Well, when she woke up again, she found that everything around her had changed
None of those pesky people are gone.
That company lost her cold eyes every day, so she went to a completely strange place.
By the way, do you know the word crossing?
She looked at him and saw that he shook his head gently. She went on to say that it is easy to understand. One day, a fairy cast a spell on this woman and pulled her soul back to the past many years. Many years later, when she woke up, she found that she had changed herself and her body had changed except her soul.
But fortunately, this new body is a rich lady. She no longer looks at her face, works hard, eats, dresses and sleeps. Everything is fine, but it’s a bad day.
At this point, she paused as if lost in memories. Section 14 Night, she was forcibly dragged to 3.
For a long time, Shen Suer turned his eyes to Sima Luo and saw that he was staring at himself. She was a little disappointed that there was no doubt in his eyes. When the story was listening, it was not necessary to say it.
Arlo asked what happened all day.
One day, the imperial edict came, and she was crowned the queen.
How can it be bad to be queen?
Being a queen means losing her reason, because where she grew up, there was no emperor’s democracy, and it was quite local democracy, where the people were the masters of the country. Isn’t this incredible in this world? But that’s why she was distressed because she was afraid of losing her reason, and it was a luxury to rule democracy here, and it was also a taboo topic for people like Alo, who dared to come here, and it was simply to die and abandon her neck for too long.
Sue smiled awkwardly and put herself in her shoes. These words must be false in Arlo’s ear, so we have to continue to talk about them in the story.
I’m upset. She knew that the harem was a battlefield for women and it was a cruel place. She didn’t want to marry Nai. She was too weak in this new place. After all, how can she fight it? How can she go to the palace and plan to save herself? But she was assassinated by the princess in the palace a few days before she entered the palace, and she almost died. Here she stopped.
Hesitate whether to say it again.
Then Arlo asked, as if he wanted to know the knot.
Looking at his eyes, Suer suddenly didn’t want to talk about it. She smiled and answered, but she didn’t really die. By the way, is this story very realistic?
Nonsense, haha, but what is the project, what is the machinery, what is the vase and what is the secret? Arlo asked a lot of questions.
This is the serious cultural gap between generations. Even if she tries to avoid this gap, she is still unconscious. In the 15th night of modern times, she is forced to pull 4.
Alo couldn’t help smiling when she saw that her forehead was almost twisted into a line. Don’t tell me that you are the girl in the story who was born in a thousand years later. If she was in Naman, she would probably burn the myth to confuse people. My father didn’t believe in the palace princess. If she didn’t say that, she would be disgusted. That’s why my mother alienated him. My mother didn’t know that.
To return this fact, Suer believes that the Empress Dowager is also a Buddhist now, and a Buddhist temple has been specially set up for her in the palace. However, it is the first time that the harem princess has alienated the emperor because of her belief in ghosts and gods. It is the first time that she has heard that if the person is Sima Luo, she will treat the other person as farting.
She said wryly that your father’s thought is really strange, er, it should be said that it is quite fashionable. Now that rule is not superstitious to confuse people, but I didn’t say it just now. It’s a fairy tale. Shake your head and say something, but you can’t just say it.
Haha, I know it’s a story. By the way, I’m telling you that my father didn’t need this kind of three-abuse method. He only managed to make Nanman prosperous by strength, but he knew how to govern the country but couldn’t manage his family. He was a little proud, but on second thought, he was disappointed.
Shen Suer Sima Luo stayed here for a long time.
Sue, are you really him?
Not me anymore?
I also like you. It’s this kind of person who is not a man or a woman, just like a relative. Just like now, it feels like a relative and a friend. It’s credible and reliable.
You believe me and depend on me.
Yes, there are still many people after the first snow mother, and I believe that I rely on them in my heart. Well, this is a very common feeling. Alo doesn’t live with her lover in a life circle, but many people will live together, don’t you think? If two people are dull together, they will get bored sooner or later, but it’s quite dangerous. She analyzes it. After all, the emotional road will not be smooth sailing. Even now she loves Mujing deeply, she can be said to promise for life. However, what about ten or twenty years later?
I don’t know what will happen in the future. No one knows what will happen in the future. In the 16th night, she was forced to pull 5.