If you wait with a smile, you will never be impatient and your expression will not be urged.

For a long time, Meng Sicai said with a smile, the king of Chu controls a country, and our little things must not be in our eyes. It is not difficult for us to give us another inheritance in the Chu people’s place. Unfortunately, it is difficult to leave our homeland and our ancestors have worked hard to build a career. We really can’t bear to give up, and we are even worse off. We don’t want to leave our country.
This statement is accompanied by all the people around her, so it can be seen that she said it was the people present.
If you laugh at Elder Meng, I know your feelings very well, but you may not be too loyal to the national policy of Chu. It is not difficult for us to give you another piece of inheritance, but we will not do so. Chu has imposed strict restrictions on Jianghu people. After Jeju Incident, it has almost eliminated the national rangers. We will definitely not develop the civilian and private armed forces. Of course, talents like you are willing to join the government and the court will certainly give them enough courtesy.
Everyone is hesitant, and now there is resentment in his eyes. The first few steps are more impulsive. Finally, others are worried that if the emperor can’t be too polite, it’s worse. Now everyone is in the control of a foreign country. It’s really offended him. It’s even more unwise to pull and persuade him to finally temporarily suppress the possible disputes.
It’s better to be a sex-oriented farmer to speak on behalf of others. If you want to be rich and prosperous, the court has repeatedly called up our Shennong Association when you were in Qin State, saying that we, the Jianghu people, are actually living more.
If you smile, you don’t say a word. These people who are more important than wealth are actually a group of people who are at home. That acre of three-point hills is a local tyrant. Who really wants to be a small official and be under the control of the department?
Meng Si also smiled and said, "Besides, we saved the king of Qin from arresting people, and then defected to the Chu government. Will the king of Qin spare us and stay in the country as soon as possible?"
They all tried their best to express their position that they did not want Chu to be effective, and they also put all the difficulties in the hope that the Chu people would not be too hard on them.
Fortunately, if you come here, you won’t have this idea. At this moment, I am laughing. I have already understood what you mean, but I want you to think about what will crush the martial arts figure Jeju in Chu. The heroes in the Jianghu have almost disappeared, and Qin will continue to be strong like this. Even if this rescue doesn’t happen, how long can you be happy?
When the hall was silent, most people were lost in thought, but their faces gradually became less beautiful.
If you look at it with a satisfied smile, that’s it. No powerful official king will tolerate the fact that people are always brave and fighting privately. Killing people should be in the hands of the imperial court. Powerful armed organizations should belong to the state of Chu, and other countries are similar. Today, many Jianghu forces are rising in various countries, but most countries are trying to take care of them because of the chaotic situation. When the situation of Qin gets older and the country becomes more and more stable, even if everyone is humble and obedient, will Qin really never move Jianghu people?
Everyone is gloomy, even though they are a group of people who live a limited life on weekdays, they are not completely unaware of the possible dangers.
If you look at the world with a smile, is it that from the point of view of Jianghu people, the court is viciously oppressing Jianghu heroes, but it is only a matter of time before you rule Jianghu gangs from the point of view of kings? Have you ever thought about coping with the inevitable crisis in the future?
Most of the people present were speechless, but Meng Sishu turned around and laughed. I think it was already in the hands of Zhizhu.
If you also smile, Elder Meng flatter me, it’s just a small suggestion. His eyes swept away. First of all, of course, all factions joined forces to advance and retreat together. Of course, all factions just formed a loose alliance to help each other and let the court know your determination.
Everyone is silent, and most people show disapproval.
If it seems that you can’t read people’s faces and smile, Mimi asks everyone
Although most of us forbear, we still can’t help but sneer at the king of Chu. It is good to suggest that we unite together to turn small factions into big ones. The imperial court will be eliminated and finally the six armies will be sent directly to suppress it
There are people in the crowd, and it is also said that the more powerful the Jianghu is, the more unbearable it is for the court.
If it’s like clapping your hands after listening to the irony in this sentence, yes, you need a Wulin leader
If they immediately micro winds looked immediately eyes full of preparedness.
If you can’t help laughing when you see everyone’s face, you misunderstood me. I think you must be a martial arts story. You will always take a villain who wants to dominate the Wulin. There is no such thing. Don’t worry. I said that the leader is actually the kind of person who is respected in name and can stand up when the factions are oppressed, and everyone seeks fairness, justice and welfare.
He winked and laughed. Of course, this leader’s martial arts must be earth-shattering and make the gods cry. He must be able to threaten the imperial power alone, so that the king of Qin can know that although he can fight against an army alone, his martial arts will wantonly destroy the country’s most elite army, and there is nothing he can do about it. He must be strong enough to make the emperor have scruples and therefore acquiesce to the Jianghu forces to keep a delicate balance between the imperial power and the Wulin power.
Everyone looked at each other a few times, but their eyes were indecisive, but they also realized something. Finally, Meng Si said that the master was Xiao Gong or Wei Gong.
If you jump up at once, the sex virtue is mine, and none of you will think about it. The surname Wei is Qin people. Of course, you Qin people have to solve their martial arts problems. Besides, he certainly doesn’t want to call him a leader, and you don’t worry about being taken away by him. Just borrow his tiger skin to scare people.
He squinted and grinned, how to spread the phase information, how to make the king of Qin understand you and reach a consensus on these details, you should be able to do it.
Everyone is silent because their eyes are constantly looking at each other.
If you smile and wave, you are not in a hurry to make a decision immediately and discuss it for a few days.
If you meet a group of Jianghu people, Chu Yun asks him the first question: Did they agree?
Of course, they will promise a big bodyguard for no reason, and they need to give them a little respect. How can such a good thing not be promised? They always pretend to be hesitant. If they laugh, on the other hand, they are suspicious. They have to consider everything carefully to ensure that they will not suffer losses or benefit from us. Don’t worry about it.
Chu Yun smiled a captivating smile. It’s really a pity that you have such a strange idea. You didn’t discuss it with Wei Guchen in advance, so you planned to be so wishful. I don’t think that Wei Gong and others are so lonely and will not be bound by such constraints.
Don’t worry, mountain man’s clever plan, if you think proudly that I, Xiaobai, usually eat enough to eat, rather than be indecent, of course, I have to repay a king of Qin’s adult for making their big Qin country full of black gangs and more and more gangs, so that my heart can be balanced.
Look at him. Chu Yun is really skeptical. Although he often has some fantastic ideas and surprises, he is also ashamed, ugly, defeated and frustrated. There are so many things that it is difficult for people to have too much confidence in him.
If a man’s respect for his heart is scarred by his wife’s suspicious eyes, immediately grab Chu Yun’s hand and let’s go and make it clear to him.
He looked at Chu Yun and laughed. He lived in your house, didn’t he? I really don’t know how he chose to think that now we live in your place, and it’s taken up. I’m really not afraid of being rude.
Chu Yun blushed and spat at him, but he never got a lesson.
It would be fun if you laughed.
Their husband and wife walked hand in hand in Yiyuan, the path that had been side by side for several times, and they remembered the past of that day, and their hearts were full of tenderness.
If you smile, let’s just go to our own place and drive a bunch of nerds outside, just the two of us.
Chu Yun laughed and said, "If you throw our poor magistrate’s adult and general’s adult outside, no matter how rude it is, how dare you boast?"
Do I still need to be polite to them? It’s always special to be an emperor.
The two of them are talking near the Xiaoxiang Pavilion. There is a piece of bamboo and bluestone in front of the console table, white jade chessboard, and the same snow cream backs to the side, and the young Zhao Chengfeng keeps beside him in high spirits.
If you want to play chess with a smile, don’t you know to find me? Who in the world can have sex and play chess with him?
Chu Yunbai didn’t speak at a glance, fearing that most people who have experienced the skill of playing chess will find it hard to find something more painful than playing chess with the king of Chu.
If you walk past without blushing and smiling