Aileen, who heard Ye Tiandi’s words, looked blankly at the girls in two rows with a slight quiver, and she was severely compared with them. They were all beautiful peacocks and she was just an ugly duckling.

Watching Aileen feel dejected, Ye Tiantan put his arm around Aileen’s shoulder and said goodbye to you. They are different. You are my people. I believe you, but they are just your followers. Here you are the queen. They are all your maids. Even if you want to execute them, they dare not disobey.
It’s just that Ye Tianlai is playing a better position than a square, but this case is really inappropriate. What do you mean, you are my person and Elaine is the queen here? Who is the king?
At Ye Tian happily and shyly, Aileen finally got up the courage. Yes, no matter how excellent they are, they are not Ye Tianren, but Ye Tian bought the land she sent.
Looking up proudly, Aileen entered the castle accompanied by Ye Tian, and soon Ye Tianju, a maid, gathered in the lobby on the first floor of the castle to call the meeting.
Ye Tian established Aileen’s leading position at the meeting, where Aileen held the biggest profit except Ye Tianwai, and she won’t listen to Aileen’s command, but she will be executed directly without having to be handed over to others.
Leaving the hotel, Ye Tian quickly rushed to Eisenbaldi’s place to live. He has given everything to Carmen, and it is definitely more suitable than Ye Tianren.
Lai Yetian is going to go to 18 cities by himself to select talents. Now that Carmen is here, it would be nice if he came directly.
Ye Tian, soft armor Square in Katyusha, is not in a hurry or has no time to prepare for the auction. Bond has already paid for a batch of land materials. If the square is not established soon, the 18 chain stores may close down due to lack of ingredients.
Ye Tian, the establishment of Fangdi, has decided to build it on the church, and it is the largest metropolis in the world with a total population of more than 40,000. At the same time, it is the only city with four places to send.
The environmental law and order in the holy city is the best, and the agents who strictly patrol the teaching halls dare not mess around in this city.
The headquarters of more than 896 large groups in the world are set up here, and the churches join hands to maintain stability and unity here.
Of course, it is also possible to fight, but if you want to defeat the enemy, you must use economic means. If you dare to use force, the only field waiting for him is death, even if God violates its field, it will not be an exception.
When Ye Tian went all the way back to his temporary residence, Essien Badi practiced sword in the courtyard, while Irene sat in front of the door and looked at the two with a smile on her face.
See Ye Tian back Bharti Essien quickly gathered around and you’re welcome to directly ask the problems encountered in recent days. Obviously, these two guys have been practicing delusion, and there is nothing else in their world except budo.
It has been explained for more than half an hour before Essien Badi’s eyes were scattered and he continued to practice hard according to Ye Tian’s advice.
With a wry smile, he shook his head. Ye Tian walked beside Aileen and saw that Ye Tian was back. Aileen had already got up from her chair and stood there stiffly, especially when Ye Tian walked slowly, her face was red while her hands twisted her skirts.
Ye Tianwai looks really good, but he is definitely a member of the super handsome family, especially with his face full of sunshine and his unique personality charm. Besides, Ye Tiandi is baked like a shining sun in Irene’s eyes, and she is anxious all over.
Looking at Ye Tian coming step by step, Aileen couldn’t help but raise her gorgeous eyes and feel a heart beating violently, and it was difficult to breathe.
How’s your health recently? Finally, the warm sound of Ye Tian gently rippled in Aileen’s ear. Listening to this gentle sound, Aileen felt that she was about to melt.
Aileen nodded and said, "Everything is fine. Thank you."
Ye Tian couldn’t help frowning when he saw Aileen’s primly appearance. He didn’t think Aileen was so nervous before anything. It seemed that the more she got along with her, the more nervous she became. How could this happen? Shouldn’t everyone be more familiar with it?
Looking at Aileen’s face flush, Ye Tian anxiously leaned his right hand and gently put the back of his hand on Aileen’s forehead and immediately exclaimed, It’s very hot.
Speaking Ye Tian frowned anxiously. You see how you don’t know how to love yourself at all? Your illness just happens to be very weak. Come back to your room quickly. Speaking Ye Tian bent down and gently lifted Aileen up.
Aileen didn’t know how she got back to the real estate all the way. When he woke up, she was already in bed. Looking at Ye Tian, she gently helped her to cover the bedding. Aileen’s eyes were filled with watery light and gently rippled.
If Aileen knew what Ye Tian was going to do now, she wouldn’t stop it. She would be happier than Ye Tian. Unfortunately, she is even whiter than Ye Tian. Even a womanizer definitely doesn’t look down on her. Although she is not ugly, she is not beautiful enough, especially because of her long illness and thinness.
Close your eyes in misery. Aileen knows that she is the kind of woman who wants to have a face, no face, no figure, no temperament, no knowledge, and can’t find her own meaning.
Looking at Aileen’s miserable expression, Ye Tian couldn’t help but cut the tunnel. Aileen, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you?
Hearing the soft words of Ye Tian, Elaine opened her big eyes and trembled, saying, Am I very troublesome?
Ye Tianjin frowned and said, "How can you think that since you came to this world, everyone is the land?"
Gently shook her head, Elaine cried, but I’m different. I’m not beautiful, I’m not in good shape, and I can’t get anything.
Ye Tiankou shook his head with a wry smile. You are just too thin now. You may not look so beautiful and your figure is not very good, but believe me, you will become a peerless beauty one day, I promise.
Really? Elaine’s eyes lit up when she heard Ye Tian’s words and asked hopefully.
I must have nodded. Ye Tianxiao said with a smile, of course it is true. When the time comes, you will be beautiful enough to make men dizzy. When that day comes, don’t leave me alone.
I blushed shyly, and Elaine shook her head stiffly. No matter what I become, I will stop begging even if I am a handmaiden.
What did you say? Ye Tian didn’t hear you clearly because Aileen’s voice was too small, so she asked.
In Ye Tian’s questioning, Elaine finally realized what a shame she had said and shook her head quickly. No, I didn’t say anything. I mean, even if it’s beautiful and can’t be eaten, I won’t help you.
Things looked at Irene doubtfully, saying, "Why do you think you’re all right?"
Facing Ye Tiandi, I asked Aileen bitterly, Look, Brother Badi, they all have one thing. Even if my brother is just now, I believe his perseverance will become a success sooner or later, but I am too old to come.
Sighing and shaking his head, I admit that you are too big from the perspective of martial arts, but don’t you think martial arts is the thing? Don’t everything else count except martial arts?
But I looked blankly at Ye Tian Aileen mumbling tunnel, but even other leaders can’t finish it. For so many years, the only thing I can do is to help people clean the yard and wipe the dust. Besides, I can’t do anything
Facing Aileen, I belittled Ye Tian and meditated for a long time. Ye Tian suddenly looked up at Aileen and said, believe me, Aileen is unique. Now I ask you if I need it, will you help me?
When I heard Ye Tian’s words, Aileen immediately misunderstood what I needed your help. Aileen’s current state can only help Ye Tiandi to help him solve a man, right?
In an instant, Elaine blushed and nodded shyly. Although I don’t quite understand what to do, please teach me what I will do to make you satisfied.
Good to hear Aileen’s words, Ye Tian’s eyes flashed with sharp light and sank. In this case, I want to set up a factory recently, and now I lack a reliable person to take care of it for me. Will you?
Ah, I looked up in shock. Elaine looked at Ye Tiandao in surprise. You said it was this me.
Looking at Aileen doubtfully, I can’t figure out which one it is if it’s not this one.