Hang Ningdai raised her hand and pushed the door on the second floor.

"Ning Dai" Han Xilang quickened his pace to catch up.
"I …" Hang Ningdai put her hand on the door and asked for it. "I’m going to sleep."
"Ning Dai, why don’t you dare to look at me?" There is no one else at the moment and Han Xilang doesn’t want to beat around the bush. "Are you … afraid of me?"
Hang Ningdai jumped up in anger and said, "Why should I be afraid of you!"
"Then let me in!" Han Xilang raised the palm of his hand to resist the door. Hang Ningdai refused, but he didn’t expect Hang Ningdai to loosen so easily, so that the door was pushed hard, causing Hang Ningdai to retreat again and again.
"Ning Dai!"
The room is full of lilies, and the housekeeper asked people to move in at noon.
Section 654
One room is full of fragrance.
Han Xilang pressed Hangningdai’s heel to stumble and fell behind her. Han Xilang felt that this situation was simply the right time and place!
"Dabao brother …" Hang Ningdai could raise her hand to hold Han Xilang and she did.
But Han Xilang didn’t live, but was pulled down by Hang Ningdai … How could Brother Dabao be pulled down by her when Hang Ningdai was amazed? The brain is still thinking about whether anyone has fallen in the soft flowers and the back of his head is firmly held by Han Xilang.
The face is Han Xilang’s strong and tall body, and a strong breath surrounds her again.
"Ah …" Hang Ningdai’s lip was slightly open. From the perspective of Han Xilang, she could see that her pale pink tongue was trembling with panic and fear, but at the moment it attracted Han Xilang like a heady demon.
Entanglement accompanied by measurable suction Hang Ningdai felt as if she were about to fall into the abyss. In a hurry, she clung to the person in front of her. Her fingers were slender and slender, and her shoulders were slightly bent as if she would break at any time!
"Heavy …"
Being robbed, I almost can’t breathe. Hang Ningdai frowned and complained vaguely
Han Xilang made a shrug and then grabbed Hang Ningdai’s waist and turned over, so that Hang Ningdai was in the face, but even so, she didn’t get the initiative, like being hit by hundreds of volts, and Hang Ningdai was groggy in her head.
The faint scent of blood dispersed in the two populations.
"…" Hang Ningdai shocked her pain that this scent "dabao brother? You … "
"You bit my tongue. Why are you in such a panic?" Han Xilang chuckled to make Shu Lang deep and repressed some desires and desires.
"Yes, I’m sorry." Hang Ningdai was embarrassed to frown and want to push him.
But Han Xilang’s arms are powerful? Hang Ningdai sat firmly beside him and couldn’t move.
"Ning Dai" Han Xilang raised her hand to buckle the back of her head and pressed two people’s foreheads against their foreheads. "Are you shy?"
"Well …" Hang Ningdai should be a very light.
"There’s nothing to be ashamed of."
Her shyness made Han Xilang feel heartbroken. "It is natural and beautiful for us to do this kind of thing, even more intimate things, you know?"
Chapter 94 We ask for leave early
The petals of the body are crushed and the fragrance is getting stronger and stronger.
Han Xilang picked up Hang Ningdai’s eyes. Hang Ningdai understood it but could not respond.
"You … you are quick to go home!" Hang Ning Dai’s voice is so light that she can hardly hear it.
"Can’t you leave?" Han Xilang frowned and hinted that "it’s still early for me to play with you."
Hang Ningdai pouted to see him "What are you doing with me?"
"Anything will do. Do you want to watch anime with you?" Han Xilang smiled at the corner of his mouth. Although he was not interested, he couldn’t help Ningdai to like it.
Why is he so eager to please Hang Ningdai? Nodded with a pout. "Good!"