Too, that is, at this time, the emperor was really incontinent. He was scared out of his wits by the momentum of the white leaves. If he hadn’t been banned, he might have fainted.

One side of the demon frowned and made a ban to wrap him up and let him taste all the flavors!
Just when Baiye was angry, his heart moved and showed a scene in the spirit ball.
Thousands of miles away from this palace, a procession in a mountain started a group of people in red, who poured out of the procession. They looked serious and ran out as soon as they appeared with swords and weapons in their hands, and then the procession flashed again and a group of guys with the same appearance appeared.
Baiye naturally knows them, who look terrible. It is the notorious heavenly spirit religion that is the bane of red-line leeches!
The momentum of seeing off the array and those people soon spread, and not only the other four magic deities of Baiye felt it, but they all looked in that direction and said, "What is this bloody guy doing?"
The demon replied, "It should be the Shinto religion that is being slaughtered everywhere."
They all looked at Baiye Baiye and said, "Mixed demons, you two go and imprison there, and then take them away when they are finished!" The delivery was also ruined! "
The devil and the demon nodded and agreed to teleport and disappear thousands of miles away. They soon arrived. Looking at the dense crowd on that mountain, two big devil faces smiled.
"In the Yuan Dynasty, these were not strangers, but refined people. We are welcome!"
The mixed demon nodded and said, "It’s a pity that it will be scattered soon, otherwise these people can be considered as a supplement!"
The demon laughed. "Well, it’s important that we trap them first and then enjoy the process of not caring about the result!" "
The devil looked at him differently, then smiled and shook his head. The valley is very large, and those people have already passed 10 thousand, and the array is still being sent continuously. I don’t know when it will be sent
These people don’t know that the whole valley is quiet except for their footsteps. They don’t know that their surroundings are sealed and waiting for them to die!
After a whole day, the parade finally stopped, and there were at least 100 thousand people in the whole valley. As soon as the parade was over, these people started to move and rushed to the outside of the mountain. Before they walked a few miles, a light wall stopped them and they immediately stopped. The whole scene was quiet again, and a few people flew in the distance.
Just as the two great venerable men were about to start work, they looked at the array and there was a flash of light, and then a group of people appeared. This group of people didn’t wear red clothes, and they weren’t heavenly gods. Moreover, the two magic statues also noticed a woman, a girl in a pink dress, who actually had a wisp of fairy aura that was about to soar and repair.
The two men looked at each other and saw a flash of white leaves around them without talking.
Baiye has been in a coma with Rhyme all these days, but Xu Xiangxiang said that she will soon wake up, so Baiye is not worried that it will still be imprisoned there, and the country will be in chaos and the emperor will have nothing to do.
Baiye first saw the sending situation. When he saw the girl in pink, he let Xu Xiangxiang and Monty stay there. He teleported directly with Xiaobai.
In addition to the pink-clad girl Baiye, now his teacher Zhong Liangbei’s parents are actually there watching them fight with weapons in their hands.
"Who are these people? That woman is Xinghai, right? There are two people next to her who are monsters and others who are monsters and practitioners.
Are they all together? "Asked the mixed magic.
"That woman is really a Xinghai person. Her husband is a heavenly monster, but she has been killed by a fairy. The two demon kings next to her are guarding her husband’s grave. Others should get together!"
At this time, the Crystal Cliff Fairy had already looked at it in this way, and Baiye said, "You should first guard and forbid me to see them!"
White leaves teleport directly to the array and fall beside his master Zhong Liang.
"Ah … are you? !” Several of them sound the same.
"Master, mother, fairy sister!" Baiye disappeared when he saw that the master and his family were safe.
"Ye Er, you finally came back to rhyme her …" Zhong Liang saw Baiye, but he hurriedly said what he was most worried about but he was worried about being interrupted by Baiye.
"Master, don’t worry, Yuner, I’ve been rescued, and I’ve been cured after suffering a little bit!"
"That’s good!" Zhong Liang is much younger now than twenty years ago, and Huang Shangjie and his wife are much younger than before.
"Ye Er bud son? Did you come back together? " Mrs. Huang and Huang Shangjie both looked at Baiye.
While baiye heart suddenly jump andao "yes bud son? I just looked at them happily, but what about belle? Where is bud son … "
Seeing that Baiye looked different, the couple’s center of the earth also rose. Baiye quickly came to her senses and said, "I’ll tell you about my parents, Belle, but you can rest assured that she will be fine!"
Baiye tried hard to keep things in mind and looked aside at Jing Ya Xian, saying, "Does Sister Xian want these people to fight?"
Crystal Cliff Fairy nodded and said, "That’s true. Do you remember when you killed those hunters? That array was just right to kill the enemy?"
Baiye looked at the people around and said, "So that’s it, but Sister Xian won’t do it this time. Someone will do it and it will be solved soon!"
Baiye, when they were talking, the Heavenly Shintoism had pointed their weapons at them. Although the Heavenly Shintoism had been refined, most of them had not lost their spiritual wisdom, and some of them also had leaders. Just as these leaders were about to attack, Baiye gave orders to two great venerable men to attack.
Baiye ordered not only the two great venerable persons to act, but also Xiaobai, who had been hidden in Baiye sleeve, jumped out and flew straight in his mouth, constantly hissing.
The appearance of Xiao Bai makes monsters around, especially the two demon kings tremble. Although Xiao Bai looks very small and doesn’t have much energy fluctuation, even the human form can’t be transformed, it has a breath that is inherently higher than these monsters, and it has a spiritual crystallization, and its momentum is even more unfathomable for these monsters.
Xiao Bai circled and danced in the sky, hissing in his mouth. Although it was weak, the whole valley could hear it clearly. All the heavenly spirits taught people to cover their ears and howl in pain.
At the same time, the magic power of the two great venerable persons also brought out two black smoke like Youlong from the top of the mountain to clean the place where they had passed. Those heavenly gods turned into blood and melted into the smoke. When the smoke was swept to the middle, the original black had turned into blood red, and the momentum was even stronger.
"Is there a big devil in the East Pole sea beast?" Crystal cliff fairy said doubtfully
Those little monsters and practitioners looked at the blood around them, and they were all a little scared. If it weren’t for the Crystal Cliff Fairy and the two demon kings bring up the rear, they might have run away.
"Sister Xian is not worried that they will listen to me now!"
Crystal cliff fairy looked at baiye didn’t speak.
Xiaobai made these heavenly gods lose their will to resist, and the two great venerable persons directly refined and absorbed all the gods. When they recovered their blood fog, both of them showed satisfaction. These gods were all blood-refined, and their bodies contained some magic gas, which was hard to make up for the devil.
Looking at ten thousand people, kung fu will vanish in a short time. A group of people in the array have forgotten to think about their hunting laws. It takes great efforts to destroy them. I didn’t expect that these people will be eliminated in just a short time. Perhaps this is the best performance of everything has its vanquisher.
Crystal Cliff Fairy can marry a monster to be his wife, and he is naturally broad-minded. Although he doesn’t know the origin of these two demons, he doesn’t show that he is the enemy of life and death. Look at the two demons falling down on her, and they will meet at once.
The two magic statues are also very interested in her. It’s the first time that they have been so calmly staying with the master of practitioners, and there are still some regrets in their hearts.
Baiye saw the end of the matter and said, "Let’s go to that palace first and keep it here!" "
Original white leaf
The main reason for sending troops is not to want those celestial religions to run around so that they can destroy them, but now his spirit ball has scanned Fiona Fang and Wan Li, and there is only one sending army here, so there is no need to worry too much.
Bai Ye, Zhong Liang, Huang Shangjie and Jing Ya Xian all have questions in their hearts. They want to find a place to talk.
Hearing Baiye’s words, Jing Yaxian said, "Let me keep my hand here first. Maybe there will be scattered people coming later!"