Laughing, "Well, today’s flesh is your day, and the flesh is ours."

They both laughed at the same time, and it seemed as if they were reconciled. Suddenly, a dragon ball hit the Xiaoyao Yuanshen and the ground Yuanshen was also hit by a gray ball and the Xiaoyao Yuanshen was far away at the same time. Both sides were calculated by the other side, and the Yuanshen was somewhat angry. "How dare you go back on your word!" Free and unfettered people nu way "if you don’t make moves first, how could I make moves?" The two of them stopped talking and sat down to slowly stabilize the Yuan God. The two beads were both babies, and there was no dissipation of the Yuan God, which was already a profound way for them to do things.
Suddenly rushed up and pounced on the free and unfettered people. The free and unfettered people quickly flew to avoid being chased by a fire dragon, but the free and unfettered people could not be swallowed by the fire dragon. The free and unfettered people kept rolling in the sea of knowledge, and the whole sea of knowledge was shaking.
Sitting in the Zixiao Palace, I suddenly got up, and there was an earth coercion from my body. Sparks flashed everywhere in the Zixiao Palace. The coercion actually touched the large array of the Zixiao Palace to protect the palace, forcing the large array to resist and the body suddenly flashed. These were the seals of the carefree people, and the pressure continued. These imprints slowly broke and disappeared until they were finally cleared.
The coercion slowly disappeared, haha laughed. "Thank you for helping me, Xiaoyao San. If it weren’t for your help, I wouldn’t have achieved today." Then I flicker and disappear into chaos.
Violent chaos is stable around. Looking at calm chaos, I feel that I am at the peak. I feel that I am shocked again. I feel arrogant and look at chaos and say with smile, "Is this the power to respect the enemy?" The sage is just an ant in my eyes, so this is the feeling of power. "Suddenly, it was calm and chaotic, and there was a roar. A monkey broke into the line of sight. After seeing it, it immediately turned into blood red. Sun Wu stayed in chaos for 30,000 years. Unfortunately, the monkey can control all the strength of the monkey. Sun Wu can’t wake up unless he wants to leave chaos. But where is this monkey born in chaos? Anyone who sees something in chaos will destroy it. Sun Wu can’t remember how many treasures were destroyed in this chaos.
Now I can see that Sun Wu can watch himself raise a stick and hit him with a chaotic axe. Now he gently strokes chaos and breaks a crack. Sun Wu is immediately caught in the crack. Fire, water and wind keep roaring in this crack. Sun Wu’s mixed stick keeps hitting around. Unfortunately, the crack in this chaos is getting bigger and bigger, and Sun Wu is trapped in it and can’t get out.
Before laughing, "Monkey, your strength is really unusual now, but it’s a pity that you haven’t woken up yet. You can’t be our enemy. If you can be sober, it’s a pity that I fought in World War I." Say and turn around and leave.
Suddenly, Sun Wu jumped out of the chaotic crack, raised his stick and hit the chaotic axe at once. The chaotic axe was immediately bounced and kicked at Sun Wu. The monkey just kicked into the collision of his feet, and chaos rolled. Both sides stepped back and laughed. "I didn’t expect that you haven’t completely disappeared, so I just took you to practice my hand to see how capable I am."
Chaos axe chopping at Sun Wu, this spirit monkey can be white for danger, but dare not touch it hard. Chaos axe is to avoid its sharp edge and hit it at the body. No matter how physical body can be compared with Pangu now, there will be chaos axe to protect him. Even if Sun Wu is allowed to hit him, he will not be able to hold the chaos axe tube in his hand. He will go to Sun Wu’s key point and avoid the chaos axe retreating towards the edge of chaos. The danger in the depths of chaos can be known that he is also worried that if he stays in chaos for a long time, something will happen. He will have to fight and forget the place first.
Sun Wu was forced out of chaos at the sight of defeat, and he no longer entangled himself. He jumped out of the circle and ran towards the depths of chaos, where he was willing to let go of his chaos axe and scratched at chaos. But when he saw a huge crack on the edge of chaos, Sun Wu was trapped by the crack without running away. Sun Wu kept hitting with a mixed stick in this crack, and suddenly he hit something and rushed straight away.
Flick away from the flying clear light and face the crack with another axe. This chaotic crack is growing rapidly, which means that Sun Wu keeps beating around in this crack, and the turbid gas slowly appears in the crack. His face is frightened and he quickly chops it away at the edge of chaos. He wants to pick up the turbid gas, and the innate aura pours into it, and Sun Wu is naturally washed into it.
Chapter 52 Kyushu Ding
The chaotic axe has just been beaten by Sun Wu and rushed to the outer world to evolve. The clear light of the outer world goes straight to the Three Realms and wins China in the East, but goes to the Fire Cloud Palace. Fuxi exultation says, "Jiuzhou Ding can gather in Shennong Road." Then Jiuzhou Ding is in Dongsheng China, and we need to get back Jiuzhou Ding as soon as possible. "
The crowd immediately went straight to the Jiuzhou tripod, and this Sun Wu was awakened immediately after he was put into the wilderness. It was that it could drive him or the law to take control and chase the chaotic axe. Sun Wu quickly avoided turning around and fled to the world, and the chaotic axe cut a crack and drilled into it.
Sun Wu just ran to the edge of the Three Realms and suddenly a crack appeared in front of him. Sun Wu quickly avoided the crack, but a foot stretched out behind him and kicked him hard to avoid being kicked straight into the world.
Coming out of that crack and chasing after it, and winning China in the east is the ancestor of four continents, who knows that in a moment, two meteors crashed into the source of the spiritual pulse of the four major States of the main pulse, and the result was that the celestial world would lose its spiritual pulse from now on and finally become a distant place.
A slight earthquake occurred in four major States at the same time. Although this earthquake can disturb the Terran, it is not a trivial matter. When the Three Emperors and Five Emperors saw this face, they were shocked and Fuxi exclaimed, "I didn’t expect that we were still a step late. After the completion of the four major States, our Terran people will live again."
Shennong said, "Brother needs to blame himself for such a fate. Now the most important thing is to gather Jiuding to safeguard the Jiuzhou Terran first. If we can’t hold out until the weather, we will be really finished."
They immediately rushed to the landing place of Jiuzhou Ding, trying to find Jiuzhou Ding or maintain Jiuzhou chasing Sun Wu, but they saw a deep pit in the earth. This is where Jiuzhou Ding and Sun Wu smashed out. The magnificent aura of Jie spilled over the whole celestial aura, which is called a dead drop, but the underground aura overflowed, and the celestial world will be saved from now on. After a thousand years, the celestial world will evolve towards the outside world, but this Millennium can be described as the prosperity day of the celestial world like a epiphyllum.
Frowning at the cave, he sighed, "I didn’t expect that the arrival of catastrophe would trigger such a change. It seems that the celestial world is finished."
A wild animal roared in the hole for a moment, and then Sun Wu punched him from the hole at the fastest speed, but when he saw that Sun Wu was rushed out, he was driven into the ground again and jumped into the hole to chase after Sun Wu.
When I got to the underground, Sun Wu lay in a big tripod and seemed to be in a coma. Before I left, I looked at Sun Wu with a smile. "I didn’t expect you to be awake until you left chaos. I just gave you a beating to help you regain your consciousness." Sun Wu moved toward the big tripod next to him.
Picked up the big tripod and watched it carefully. The color behind it was overjoyed. "Jiuzhou tripod can’t think of that. That is to say, Jiuzhou tripod first suppressed Jiuzhou geologically. It seems that the boss is quite good for Terran, but this tripod has one."
Received Jiuzhou Ding and looked at the spirit pulse next to it. At this moment, the spirit pulse has been destroyed. Reiki not only leaked out to represent that its life is coming to an end, but shook his head. "It’s a pity that my strength is still too poor to mend you now. Maybe I can mend you when I go beyond heaven." Say Sun Wu flew outside.
Just out of the hole, but I saw Fuxi all around the hole and laughed. "It’s said that the three emperors and five emperors are here. You’re not here. The pulse has been destroyed. You can’t fix it."
Fuxi said, "Taoist friend, that Jiuzhou tripod in your hand is to safeguard Jiuzhou people. It is also a merit to expect Taoist friend to give Jiuzhou tripod to us."
Squinting his eyes, he looked at humanity. "Are all the others in Jiuzhou Ding in your hands?"
Fuxi said, "Jiuding’s maintenance of Jiuzhou now lacks the last tripod in the hands of Taoist friends."
Laughing, "It’s okay to give you this Jiuzhou tripod, but I want to borrow your Jiuding. I wonder if you will?"
Fuxi said, "Taoist friends borrow Jiuding, but it’s just that this Jiuding raises mana. If it’s normal, it’s still urgent for Jiuzhou Ding to maintain Jiuzhou Terran. This Jiuding can’t be lent to Taoist friends for the time being. It’s better to lend it to Taoist friends after days."
Shaking his head, he said, "It’s too late. Now I urgently need to use this Jiuding to gather mana. If you Taoist friends are willing to help me, I will serve Jiuzhou Ding."
Everyone looked at each other. Now it’s imperative for Jiuzhou Ding to gather in distress. If you lend it to gather mana, I’m afraid it will be saved late. Xuanyuan frowned and took out the incense and lit it in the direction of Penglai. When I met this face, I was frightened and said, "Daoyou, what does this mean?"
"Don’t you know if you can’t beat your parents?" Tianyi lazy sound qi
In the heart, I almost ran away when I was surprised. Suddenly I remembered that I couldn’t escape. I simply knelt down to the sky and worshipped "Welcome the boss."
Zhang Wenhe Beibei suddenly appeared, and everyone bowed down and went to the front and said, "Jiuzhou Ding is nothing for you, but you also saw that the underground veins were destroyed by you, and someone has to suppress this earth."
Laughed, "Boss, I’m not careful. Now my strength is too low and there are ten saints in the sky. If I don’t raise my mana, how can I rob the land? I’ll get someone to come."
Zhang Wendao: "Don’t worry, I’ll warn you first that Jiuding gathers mana, but you have to return it when you have a hundred years."
Big way "thank you, boss, I’m going to find someone to suppress the earth" and turned to leave.
Mr Zhang suddenly said ""
Turned around and looked at Mr. Zhang wait for a while Zhang Wendao "you can be white? See through these three worlds? "
Laughing, "Boss, I’m not strong enough to see myself clearly, and I can’t see through these three realms."
Zhang Wen shook his head and said, "In that case, go ahead and leave Sun Wu."
Hurriedly lost Sun Wu wanted to think and handed Jiuzhou Ding to Fuxi, saying, "When I suppress the earth, I will come back and take the dominant position."
Zhang Wenchao Fuxi said, "Jiuzhou Ding needs refining to make Jiuding gather together now. You’d better go to Nu Wa for help quickly. Remember that Jiuzhou Ding can help people’s hearts and spirits, but it must not be refined by the Yuan gods. This is the Terran Jiuding, not the fairy tripod."
They went to Zhang Wenyi to worship the imperial palace, and Mr. Zhang looked away. They looked at the deep pit and looked a little sad. Beibei said, "How can Dad give back the chance? Why do you give him life when he disobeys you so much? "
Mr. Zhang touched Beibei’s little head and said, "He is not white himself. In his eyes, everything is not as good as living. It is normal to live with him. It is also normal that he is too alarmist and always treats Hong and me as rivals, but he does not know that he is his opponent."
Beibei said, "Dad, will you help him if he is stupid again?"
Zhang Wen shook his head and said, "It’s not that I helped him, but that this heaven is helping him. It’s like when Pangu ordered a good man to help him with everything. If he didn’t see his opponent clearly, he wouldn’t know what was going on until he died."
When the Three Emperors and Five Emperors gathered in the Imperial Palace, it was really the first time today that Nu Wa took Fuxi and laughed. "Why did Brother come to visit Little Sister?"
Fuxi worshiped Nu Wa, saying, "Empress is now in great danger, and Jiuzhou Terran is in danger. Please ask Empress to help us to maintain Jiuzhou." Then everyone also worshipped Nu Wa in succession.
Nu Wa looked at Fuxi and felt very sad, because now they have different identities, and they have to be polite when they meet their brothers and sisters. Nu Wa said, "How dare a brother ask a younger sister if he should not, but if he has a request, he will give orders."
Fuxi said, "Now the Terran is in danger, the teacher gives us the opportunity to wait for nine people to join forces to maintain the Kyushu Terran. Now Jiuding gathers together and needs refining." He said that he would tell all the people that Nuwa immediately sacrificed Jiuding in this Nuwa Palace, and that person kept gathering in the ultra-Uwa Palace with all his faith, and that Jiuding also became more and more prosperous with the refining, and suddenly Jiuding was suspended from the crowd in the hall and stood according to the Jiugong hexagrams.
Jiuding hovered in the middle for a moment and suddenly merged into a gray cauldron. The mouth of the cauldron showed several seals, and everyone saw that the seals were finally white. It turned out that this cauldron was originally created by Zhang Wen and refined to represent Jiuding. Each cauldron has a fate, but if you want to make this cauldron, you still need to know the original cauldron. Otherwise, if you sacrifice it according to the ordinary sacrifice refining method, you can treat this cauldron as an ordinary innate treasure.
When Terran Daxing, Mr. Zhang arranged all the calculations and sent this Jiuding to the Terran for its own cause and effect. Now this Jiuding is a Terran treasure with a Terran with a big cause and effect.
Fuxi, after reading the big tripod rune, it’s too expensive to see the bitter things. Fuxi said, "We three emperors and five emperors were born because of the Terran. Now the Terran has robbed us, so why don’t you destroy your royal brothers because of the Terran?"
Shennong laughed. "Nu Wa Niangniang is our Terran Virgin, and we Terran people dare to let the Empress take risks. Please ask the Empress to take charge of the Jiuding array, and we will protect the large array." They all paid homage to Nu Wa.
Nu Wa looked at Fuxi with a sad face. He hoped that his brother would have a home in the future when he ascended the throne that day. But now Fuxi has to be reincarnated and reincarnated. Nu Wa said, "Brother, this tripod is definitely a rescue method. If you don’t ask for help from fellow students, you may find two methods."
Fuxi looked at Nu Wa’s eager eyes and finally nodded. After all, it’s too much to pay. If there are two methods, Fuxi will light the incense and wait for a moment. When Zhang Wenxian comes out, everyone will pay a visit to Mr. Zhang and sigh, "Jiuding is my own. At the beginning, nine avatars can respect each other, so it is natural to be second-class. If you want to be two, you must re-refine Jiuding. If you don’t respect it, you will be afraid of heaven and earth."
Nu Wa asked, "Is there any other way, Uncle?"
Zhang Wen shook his head and said, "It’s a destiny for heaven and earth to maintain Kyushu. When three emperors and five emperors rule Tianer in the future, they can gain a new way."
Nu Wa thought for a moment and asked, "Are there any variables in the three emperors and five emperors?"
Zhang Wen looked at Nu Wa’s way: "The variables of heaven and earth are not the cause and effect of God."
Gal silence in the future can become three emperors and five emperors also depends on god’s will. Didn’t it say that this reincarnation suffered in vain? Zhang Wendao "It is a great merit to save the whole life, even without Ren Huang’s fruit position, there is a natural chance of success."
Fuxi worshiped Zhang Wenyi and said, "It’s no harm for my brother to protect the reincarnation of Terran."
The rest of the seven people have nodded to Mr. Zhang, who is ideographic, saying, "I will come back to get Kyushu Dinger in the future. When it’s a hundred years, I should have gone to the ground."
Fuxi said, "You royal brothers can settle your concerns in a hundred years, and you can go there yourself." Everyone looked sad, but this is also a fate to blame. Except Fuxi, everyone left to settle their only concerns.
Nu Wa took Fuxi and said, "Brother, I’ll take my brother back when it’s safe."