"Be careful. It’s not easy to deal with the mutant monster beast in the rain forest. Now our gods are suppressed by the fog. It’s hard to show these native monster beasts." Yang Meng woke up. "Especially after the appearance of this auspicious golden light, many demons have made breakthroughs. It’s very difficult to deal with it.

"auspicious golden light also has a demon repair?" Dragon son asked some excitement.
Yang Mengyu nodded and said, "It is not only demon cultivation, but also spiritual and intelligent living things that can benefit from bathing this auspicious golden light."
"Like Liang Yi flurry carving, and dazzle feather ice silkworm, there is also Zi Yixian, and you should be able to bathe auspicious golden light in the five elements of unique evil spirit resin.
"So? Then it’s not a loss for us to come here. "Dragon son said and nodded his head, and suddenly his brow couldn’t help but wrinkle up like he remembered something." Then this auspicious golden light may be sent to a strange place after bathing, so wouldn’t it be possible for me to share it with my master?
"No" Yang Mengyu shook his head.
"We have studied that if there are masters and servants connected by blood and bathed in auspicious golden light, they will either disappear together, or they will come back to despair and fall outside. You are not worried about losing your master."
"That’s good!" Dragon son concerned patted his chest.
"Be careful that something is close to Ziyi and suddenly exclaim. 1. Fly into the front of Liang Yi without retreating. At the same time, show your feet and tap your feet. Purple flying sword crosses a beautiful purple arc and beheads in the fog.
In the rain forest of penalty day, the perception distance of the immortals is less than 1% from the outside world, that is, Liang Yi boasts that his gods are not weaker than the monks in the early days of Yuan Ying. In this rain forest of penalty day, he can also explore Xu Fangyuan around his body, and it is only if his heart is hidden, and this distance is even more important. If someone comes to practice profound words, it may not be rooted now.
Among the people in the group, Ziyi is the highest in spiritual knowledge, while Zilei and Yang Meng are a little poor in language.
Purple grace to Liang Yi and others also stopped at the same time.
"squeak!" A monster from outside screamed in pain, and then he saw the purple flying sword shoot back.
"Whoo-hoo" Xiao Longer beside Liang Yi made a move with his hands, and a strange wind like a whirlpool surged in place, and in a blink of an eye, he blew away the fog around 300 feet away and isolated the poisonous fog.
Dragon’s son is a wind source animal, and the control of wind spells is naturally handy.
Just after the fan burst, an old man Huang appeared in the bushes, and a pair of mung bean eyes kept wandering around Liang Yi and others.
"Rat demon?" Liang Yi some surprised to stare at the old man.
Demon baby early repair, in the face of Liang Yi and others are a little afraid of meaning.
"What are you doing to me?" "No one will leave today unless a satisfactory answer is given," asked the rat.
"Gee, you have a big temper." Liang Yi has some good laughs.
"Everyone be careful, this is a penalty day. The poisonous rat demon family in the rainforest likes to live in groups, and it is often tens of millions of people who can generally practice to the second top order at most, and have the lineage of mouse king to practice to the third middle order, which is one of the top orders in the rat monster beast … Yang Mengyu explained," If this monster beast is put in the front, its roots are no threat, but now it is a "
As soon as the auspicious golden light came out, many monsters with very low rank got the chance to rise.
At present, this yellow-skinned Johnson is already in the early stage of Yuanying, and obviously has a high position in the demon rats.
"What do you want?" Liang Yi cold way
"Ha ha, little brother will be so fierce. We have something to talk about slowly!" The old man with yellow skin smiled proudly. "The old Huang Chu is the second elder of the poisonous rat demon family. Welcome to our poisonous rat demon family, hehe."
"To visit your family, is this your territory?" Liang Yi was startled.
"Yes, this 3,000-mile-long Fiona Fang is now my clan territory. A few people who trespass on clan territory and hurt old people won’t just want to walk away, will they?" Huang Chu in sneer at a way
"Start work and kill quickly" Liang Yi determined that the rat demon was up to no good, so he no longer hesitated to mix Yuan Tulingjian, and suddenly he came to Huang Chu at ten feet in front of him. At the same time, Violet Bud and Dragon Son also sold out their magic weapons and covered their heads with Huang Chu.
"Glug" magic weapon, Huang Chu, a poisonous mouse, got stuck in the mire of his feet and left a string of blisters in situ.
"escaped?" Ziyi’s face was suddenly a little ugly because his gods could not detect Huang Chu.
"You can’t stay here and go!" Liang Yi had a cold drink and had to leave in the future, but he heard a sneer from the ground.
"Get away with it? Horse, you will know what it means to be a pilgrim’s path and enter the underground gate. Gee, "Huang Chu and Liang Yi found out that a large group of people had a strong momentum hundreds of feet away from their side.
"More than 600 levels of poison rat demon, seven demon baby early" Yang Meng language face suddenly sank.
So many monster beasts, even Liang Yi, are bold, and his face can’t help but look ugly. More than 600 monster beasts, even if they are piled up, can pile up their own side. What’s more, this is still the somebody else’s initiative to show their strength.
A auspicious golden light will make this low-level ethnic group reach the peak of this world.
Chapter DiYiJiuLiu unstoppable
How about a worker? Huang Chu’s dry figure suddenly emerged from the quagmire such as Liang Wa, and a pair of rats’ eyes were full of laughter.
At the same time, six thin figures emerged from the fog behind him and stood behind Huang Chu.
Look at the six rat demon samples like Huang Chu in the genus generally want to know Huang Chu in or poison rat demon clan two elders, that is to say, these rat demons are not the strength of this group of poison rat demon clan.
"What does Huang Chu want for you?" Liang Yi light asked.
"Nothing is to want to borrow a few magic weapons from a few Taoist friends" Huang Chu sneered. "How many magic weapons do you want to take out ten to attack the seat just now? Just forget it or not."
"Oh?" Liang’s anecdote revealed an uncertain smile on his face.
Magic weapon is a luxury for some low-level demon families who have no big background. They may have cultivation skills, but they may not have magic weapon refining skills. This poisonous rat demon family can cultivate to the late demon Dan before the birth of Xiangrui Golden Light, without taxiing and spiritual wisdom.
That is to say, in the sight of these seven taxiing rat demon hands, most of them have no magic weapon, and even if they do, they are not much higher.
And their low lineage also determines that even if they can go against fate and break through to the taxiing stage, their magical powers are much worse than those of Purple Bud and Dragon Son.
"Kill out?" Little Dragon and Purple Bud’s eyes sparkled with excitement, and it was enough to offend her that Wang Yaoxiu was surrounded by a group of low-level monster beasts.
"Wait" Liang Yi gave them a calm look "a magic weapon? Don’t you think Huang Daoyou has a bigger appetite? "
"Big? I don’t think "Huang Chu is proud of himself." It’s not difficult to kill you directly with nearly a thousand people behind me. Several Taoist friends should consider it clearly. "
"Kill us?" Ziyi sneered, "Then why don’t you do it?"
"To tell the truth, fighting is not a good way to solve the problem." Huang Chu said with a light smile. "If you really have strong strength, my people will definitely be killed and injured before you can choose to trade with you, so that you are good, I am good and everyone is good."
"how about it? Several Taoist friends have considered that no one is patient but limited. "
"What I hate most about this person is that others threatened me. Xiaoliangyi sneered," So, I have failed to live up to the friendship of the ecliptic. "
"It turns out that several Taoist friends are recreational seats!" Huang Chu in thin yellow face with a folded mans one.
"No, it’s not a pastime." Yang Meng interrupted Huang Chu with a faint smile. "I also have two suggestions. Maybe Huang Daoyou should listen to it."
"Oh, let’s hear it." Huang Chu eased her face slightly.
"First, we will give you a magic weapon to compensate you for hurting you."
"One? Daoyou, do you call flowers? " Huang Chu twitched slightly at the corners of his mouth.
"You you are not? Little dragon sneers, "The little mouse is smart enough to get out or you will be killed."
"Arrogance!" Huang Chu in cold hum a "kill one".
As Huang Chu around a sharp surge of fog, a huge rat’s head strung out of the fog, Liang Yi and others were surrounded in an instant. At the same time, the overwhelming golden strength mans shot up at Liang Yi and others.
Hundreds of monks joined forces to strike, which means that distracted monks will also have headaches. If these attacks are carried out, the consequences will be unimaginable.
Swish a few light ring, purple grace five elements unique evil spirit resin will be surrounded by five people in an instant.
"Let’s go!" Liang Yi big drink a way "small to face.
"Boom" five resin evil spirit suddenly jumped in size and soon rose to five or six feet, and the body was covered with five-color ShaQi, and then it was wrapped up like a fiend, which would stand in the way of golden strength.
Call a five-six-foot-five-color ling, which is about five-six-foot-five-foot-five-color ling, and sell it out of Yang Mengyu’s hand, and then in a blink of an eye, several defenses are laid around them.
Liang Yi and other five people’s bodies are suddenly and violently rising straight towards the top of their heads.
"Can you run?" A hidden side strange smile rings in five people’s heads.
When Liang Yi’s knowledge was swept away, he noticed that there were five strong smells on his head, none of which were lower than Yuan’s infancy.