When I heard it, Situhao’s body was hot again, and the fire was burning. He felt that he was about to burst somewhere.

What makes people spray blood is Mina’s voice falling to the ground. She loves herself. Her chest is filled with bubbles in a pair of jade hands, but her look is getting blurred. Brother Hao, a moment later, her mouth made such an ambiguous call. Situ Hao’s spirit was directly stimulated to the extreme, and her body produced a strange force. Then she looked at the present situation, but she saw it with her own eyes. The most important thing is that he also smelled the fragrance of Polyporus.
At the same time, Mina’s beautiful eyes are also looking at Situhao with horror. A peach mouth is greatly opened. Chapter 48 Coloured glaze is coming.
Situ Hao Mina has sex in the bathroom, and both of them have fallen into the most enjoyable human nature and have forgotten everything.
Fortunately, when the bathroom was built, the problems of exposure and so on were taken into account. The place chosen was very hidden, so that two people would not be heard when they enjoyed the sound roots.
A war continued. Mina was dying in Situhao’s superb technology, and her eyes were slightly closed. Situhao held her petite body and sprinted in the faucet shower.
Outside bathroom door, a beautiful figure left unlocked bows her body and looks at what is happening inside. Her ears are full of that crazy scene of wonderful mixed sex between men and women, but her body is still shaking. Extreme forbearance has made her blush to the point of bogen, and she has also made a slight gasp.
She is Liuli.
This may be the twins, so let’s have a unique connection. Mina saw her after she left the room, and she was worried that she would go to the room to look for it, but she didn’t expect to see this scene in the bathroom
Situhao should have noticed the arrival of colored glaze long ago for today’s repair, but he is also like most men. In this case, his mind has been immersed in a state of enjoying himself, and he can sense the arrival of colored glaze.
Thanks to this, the bathroom here is equivalent to the Mina family. Otherwise, what would have happened might have happened.
Because others are staying in their rooms very early, they all have separate shower facilities.
Looking at the inside, the two people blushed and looked at her outside with a thick neck, and their eyes were already glowing with light.
She Mina is a twin with the same age, but her personality is different, but her life and development are almost the same. These two Xiao Ni care about hearing Meili’s powerful aspect of their Situhao, and then their youthful agitation produces dreams. Now almost all of them are Situhao, and their intention is still Situhao. Although the situation is very embarrassing at this time, she did not give up voyeurism.
Of course, even if she wants to give up, she can’t give up, because the scene in front of her is so attractive.
At this moment, Situhao Mina sent a carefree call to Mina, and directly leaned on Situhao’s shoulder. Situhao still vigorously sprinted for a few times, so he stopped moving and stood on the spot. His hands still dragged Mina’s petite body tightly together.
With the end of the war between the two men, breathing outside was captured by Situhao in an instant. Situhao looked back at the bathroom gate and exclaimed.
Mina at this time, but also woke up to know that people outside peeked at the face and turned red. She broke free directly from Situhao’s arms and fell to the ground, looking shyly at the bathroom door.
Ryukyu and Ryukyu in SiTuHao a light shout also wake up to see hiding red face hit the door left unlocked the bathroom door timidly walked in you, why don’t you even bolt the door?
Coloured glaze is really can’t find by this excuse to hide his embarrassment.
Mina saw that it was coloured glaze, and her hand gently patted the green chest face, which was relieved.
Two Xiao Ni are sisters. They all sleep in a room and overhear Meili’s conversation. After that, the two Xiao Ni are curious about this aspect and talk about it no less than before the colored glaze. She is not embarrassed.
Sister, hurry up.
Mina eager voice Ryukyu and Ryukyu really just visible goalkeeper its bolt this just look back.
Mina’s body is full of glass, but Situhao’s body is yearning for a long time. When she looks back, her eyes can’t help but stay in Situhao’s naked body.
At this time, Situhao was in an extremely embarrassing situation.
He Mina is different. After all, in his eyes, these are two completely different girls. At this time, he was cheating with Mina and was caught in bed by Liuli.
Situhao looked at Ryukyu and his eyes rested on his important part, but he directly blocked it with his hands, but another idea grew in his heart. He felt that he was pretending to be pure at this time.
Sister Liuli, no, I’m sorry
Brother Hao, what are you embarrassed about? I, our sisters all want to be your mother. Will you marry me? Before Stuart finished, Mina’s voice rang immediately.
Situhao is a responsible man. When he heard Mina’s question, he even nodded. Of course, I will give you the most peaceful life and protect your happiness after marriage.
Luo Luo, that’s good. You just made people feel relieved. After you marry me, I will make out with you. Mina said with a smile.
Ryukyu and Ryukyu are embarrassed there at this time. They are not walking or not walking. They are full of bitterness when they look at Situhao, but they are also full of envy when they look at Mina.
Compared with Mina, coloured glaze is a pity. Many Situhao met coloured glaze in the bathroom, so I’m afraid this will not happen.
Just then Mina’s eyes looked at Sister Liuli and Sister Meili. They said it well. Brother Hao was really amazing. Oh, I was so cool just now. Don’t you want to marry Brother Hao, too? Don’t you give me a round dream for many years today?
Situhao heard that his heart was inexplicably excited and looked at it. Almost Mina was exactly the same. His important parts couldn’t help bouncing for two.