Well, Franz, the boss of Pastrini, said that my companion doesn’t talk now, and you know that I am very fond of peace. So tell me what this Luigi Vampa is like. Is he a shepherd boy or a noble, young or old, tall or short? Describe him. We happened to meet him, like Jean Spoga or Lela. Maybe we can know him.

No one can explain these points clearly to you, because he was a child when I met him. One day, my way from Rentino to Alatri fell into his hands. I was lucky that he remembered that I not only let me go without ransom, but also gave me a very luxurious watch and told me his life story.
Let’s look at the watch, said Albert
Signor Pastrini took a cloth from his trouser pocket, engraved with the name Paris, and stamped with an earl’s crown.
That’s it, he said
Ah, well, Albert replied, I salute you, and I did the same. He took his watch out of his vest pocket and it cost me 3 thousand francs
Let’s hear his story. Franz said that he dragged an easy chair and motioned for Signor Pastrini to sit down.
Do you allow me to sit in the two pavilions? asked the shopkeeper
Sit down, Albert said. It’s not like you can’t talk.
The shopkeeper bowed respectfully to each of them and sat down, which means that he will tell them everything they want to know about Luigi Vampa. You said that when Signor Pastrini asked, Franz said that you knew Luigi Vampa when he was a child, so he is still a young man now.
A young man, he just turned 22. Oh, he is a bloody wandering brother, and he will have to stand on his own feet in the future. You can believe that.
Do you think Albert is famous for being 22 years old?
It’s nice that Alexander Caesar Napoleon, who is famous at his age, has not yet made his mark.
Oh, Franz added, is the protagonist of this story only 22 years old?
I have just told you.
Is he tall or short?
The shopkeeper, who is about the same size as this pavilion, pointed to Albert and replied
Thank you for this comparison. Albert bowed and said
Go ahead, added Franz, the boss of Pastrini, and smiled at his friend-which class does he belong to?
He is a shepherd boy on the farm of Count Saint-Rhys, which is located in Lake Cabelli, Paili, Strina. He was born in Bambinara and went to work on the count’s farm when he was five years old. His father was a shepherd, and a small flock of sheep had been sheared and milked, and he took it to Rome to sell this life. Little Vampa’s personality was very special since he was seven years old. One day, when he was seven years old, he went to Padre Strina and asked him to teach him to read and write. It was somewhat difficult because he could not leave his flock. The kind priest went to a small school every Go to a mass in the village. The village is too poor to raise a priest, and the village name is Borgo. He told Vampa that he can teach him a lesson once every day when he comes back from Borgo, and told him that he must teach him a short lesson first. During this short meeting, the child accepted that every day Luigi took his flock to the road from Paili Strina to Borgo to graze. At nine o’clock every morning, the priest child sat on an earth embankment by the roadside, and the little shepherd boy came from the priest. After praying for homework for three months, he was able to speak fluently, which was not enough. He still had to write. The priest got three sets of letters from a Roman teacher, one set of big letters, one set of middle letters and one set of small letters, and taught him a sharp thing. When the sheep arrived at the farm safely, little Luigi hurried to a blacksmith’s house in Paili Strina to knock and grind a big nail and turn it into an antique stylus. The next morning, he picked up many tablets and started his homework. Three months later, the priest was surprised to see him so clever.After that, he wrote as well as an iron pen. The priest told this anecdote to the Earl of Saint-Rhys. The Earl sent for the little shepherd boy to read it to him face to face. He told his personal servant to let his servants have dinner together. Every month, Trogi gave him two Pias to buy pencils. He had a strong imitation ability. Like Qiotto when he was a child, he also painted sheep, houses and Woods on his slate. Then he used a knife to carve all kinds of wood. So did the famous sculptor Piniri.
A girl of six or seven years old, that is to say, she is a little younger than Vampa, and she is also setting up a farm in Strina to herd sheep. She is an orphan and was born in Vermont. Her two children, Teresa, met each other, and they sat side by side to let their flocks play together, laugh together and chat together. At dusk, they divided the Earl of St. Reese’s sheep into two children, and each of them went back to their farm and agreed to meet again the next morning. However, they didn’t stand up the next day, and they grew up straight together. By the time Vampa was 12 and Teresa was 11, their nature was revealed. Luigi still admired all kinds of beautiful arts very much. When he was alone, he tried his best. He was often impulsive, worried, enthusiastic and angry. He was always sarcastic. None of the boys near Banpinara, Strina or Vermont could influence him. Even his partners were not enough. He was always demanding concessions from others and never gave in. He was above any friends, Teresa. With a wink, a word or a gesture, he posts his violent character. Although it becomes so warm in the hands of a woman, if the other person is a man, no matter who he is, he will resist and make a scene.
Teresa, on the other hand, is very lively and happy. She is too fond of coquetry. Luigi gets two piastres every month from the butler of Count Saint-Driss. All the money he sells in Rome is spent on earrings, necklaces, gold hairpins and so on. Thanks to her friend’s generosity, Teresa has become the most beautiful and well-dressed peasant girl near Rome. These two children gradually grow up together and live together every day. Each of them dreams in their dreams and hopes to talk. Rivampa saw that he had become a ship owner, a general or a provincial governor Teresa saw that he had made a fortune, and many dressed servants waited on him. When they spent a day building castles in the middle, they dropped their flocks from their dream world to their humble reality.
One day, the young shepherd boy told the Earl’s housekeeper that he saw a wolf coming from Shaping Mountain to spy on him. The housekeeper gave him a shot, which was something Vampa couldn’t ask for. This gun was excellent, and Brescia’s ejection was as accurate as that of an English carbine. But one day, the Earl broke the butt of the gun, so he threw it aside, which was nothing to a sculptor like Vampa. He checked the old butt of the gun and figured out how to transform it to fit his shoulder. Then he made a new gun. The face is engraved with a very beautiful pattern, and if he is willing to sell it, he can get fifteen or twenty piastres. But of course, he wouldn’t have thought that getting a gun has long been the boy’s greatest wish to be replaced independently in the first place in the country. Every manly man’s first wish in his heart is to get a gun, so he can defend or attack it, and he is often afraid that Vampa will spend his spare time practicing this precious weapon from now on. He has bought gunpowder and ammunition, and he can use everything as his eye. The old trunk of the olive tree, which is covered with moss on Shaping Mountain, came from the hole to feed, and the fox flew over their heads. Soon, his marksmanship was so accurate that Teresa was afraid of the gun at first, and she was so afraid that she could watch him shoot projectiles at will with interest. The accuracy was as accurate as a few feet.
One evening, a wolf came from the pine forest, and they often sat near the pine forest. The wolf died before he walked ten steps. Vampa was very proud of this achievement, so he carried the dead wolf on his shoulder and returned to the farm. All these things have been done by Luigi in the farm area. I hope that a person must be capable and worship others wherever he goes. He is recognized as the best, strongest and bravest farmer in Fiona Fang. Although Teresa is also recognized as the most beautiful girl in Shaping Mountain, no one has ever gone to fall in love with her because everyone knows that Luigi. But these two people never showed their love to each other. They grew up side by side, just like two trees with tangled branches and flowers and ascending to heaven at the same time. It was necessary for them to meet each other. They would rather die than leave one day. In that year, Teresa was seventeen years old and Vampa was ten years old. A bandit took charge of Mount Libini, which provoked a lot of discussion among nearby residents. The bandits near Rome were never really wiped out, but there was only one leader missing, but now he will not lack a group of thugs.
The famous ancient ancient Mituo was chased in abruzzi and driven out of Naples. Just like Manfred, he crossed the Garigliano Mountain and the border of Jaber, Sonnino, and fled to Amazonia. He managed to reorganize a team of Madishare, the model of the furious Piron, but his ambition was to surpass these two predecessors. Many young people disappeared, and their disappearance was initially caused. I was very upset, but I soon learned that they had all gone to Gugumituo as underlings. Before long, Gugumituo became the focus of everyone’s attention. Everyone talked about his fierce, bold and cruel characteristics. One day, he robbed a young girl, who was the daughter of a land surveyor in Frozino. The law of robbers was strict. Whoever grabbed the young girl first, she should be robbed and enjoyed by others. Then the rest of them drew lots to enjoy her. She had to be ravaged by them until she died to get out of her misery. Her parents paid a ransom. When a person contacts the robbed meat ticket, he becomes a messenger hostage. If he doesn’t pay the ransom, the meat ticket will never come back. The girl’s lover is also in the team of Gugumituo. His name is Karenni. When she recognizes her lover, the poor girl reaches out to him for help and believes that she is safe. But Karenni feels that his heart is sinking because he knows too well the fate waiting in front of her. However, because he is a confidant of Gugugumituo, he has been loyal to him for three years, because he once shot a man who is about to cut down Gugumituo.The pine tree at the bottom of the tree, her beautiful headdress, combined into a veil to cover her face, thus avoiding the vicious and greedy eyes of the robbers. He told Gugumituo everything, how he loved the girl, how they swore chastity to each other, and how she met in a broken house every day after he came near here.
The thing is, that night, Gugumituo sent Karenini to a neighboring village on business and went to that place for an appointment, but Gugumituo arrived there by accident, according to him, and then he brought the girl here by the way. Karenini begged his boss Rita to make an exception because her father was rich, but a large ransom was paid. Gugumituo seemed to give way to his friend and told him to find a shepherd boy to send a letter to Frozino and tell her father Karenini that she had been saved, and told her to write to Rita. Her father told him that her ransom was set at 300 piastres for twelve hours, that is to say, as soon as the letter was written at nine o’clock the next morning, Karenini grabbed it in his hand and hurried to the mountain to find the messenger. He found a young shepherd boy who was herding sheep, as if he were born to be a robber messenger, because they lived in the urban mountains and forests. The shepherd boy accepted this life and promised to run to Frozino Karenini in an hour, and he returned, hoping to see his lover and tell her this as soon as possible. The good news is that he found his accomplices sitting in the Woods in a deserted meadow enjoying the tribute extorted from the farmers. He looked for Lida Gukumite in this crowd, but he jumped at them. He asked them where they had gone, and answered that he was laughing and a cold sweat came out of every pore. His hair stood on end. He asked again, a robber got up and handed me a full glass of liqueur, saying brave Gukumite, beautiful Lida, healthy cheers. At this time, Karenni heard a woman shout, and he immediately turned white. What happened?When I passed the corner of a dense forest, I found Lida lying unconscious in the arms of Gugumituo. As soon as I saw Karenni Gugumituo, I got up. Each hand was holding a pistol. The two bandits looked at each other for a while, with an obscene smile on their lips and a face as pale as death. It seemed that something terrible was going to happen to these two people, but Karenni’s face gradually relaxed. As soon as he grabbed the belt, the gunner fell to his side. Lida lay beside them, and the moonlight lit up the three people.
Hello, Gukumitoh, did you say it’s finished? Yes, Chief Karenni replied, Lida’s father will come here with the money at nine o’clock in the morning. Now let’s spend the night happily. This girl is beautiful enough for you to feed me. Let’s go to the guys and draw lots for her. So you decided to deal with her as usual. Karenni said that she made an exception. I just asked you to be more than others. What do you want to make an exception? Of course I will forget it. Gukumitoh said with a smile that sooner or later, there will always be a turn. It’s your turn for Karenni to clench his teeth. Now feed Gukumite. While walking towards the other robbers, he said that if you come or not, I’ll come to Gukumite. While walking, he glanced at Karenni, fearing that he would plot against him. But Karenni showed that he crossed his hands beside Lida, who was still in a coma. Gukumite guessed that the young man would pick her up and run away, but now he has nothing. He has already enjoyed Lida’s money, and it would be pitiful for him to give a penny of 300 piastre. To his great surprise, Karenni arrived almost at the same time. Let’s draw lots. The thieves shouted as soon as they saw their leader.
Their demand is fair. The boss nodded to show that they are allowed to make their eyes shine with fierce light and the fire glows with red light. They look like a group of demons, including Karenni. Their names are all written on paper and put in a hat. The youngest person in the team touches one, and the name is Davulasio. He is the one who suggested their boss’s blessing to Karenni and was hit in the face by Karenni’s glass. His face is scratched with a big mouth from his temple to his mouth. Seeing that he was so lucky, he laughed loudly and said, Chief, I suggested a toast to Carini just now, but he refused. Now you suggest that I have a toast to see if he will honor me. Everyone will lose his temper at this time, but their surprise is that he picked up a glass in one hand and a full bottle in the other, wishing you health. Davrasio said calmly, and then drank the wine without shaking his hands. He sat down by the fire and had my dinner. He said that I had lost my appetite after running so far. Well done, Carini. The robbers shouted that this was like a hero, so they formed a circle and sat around the fire, but Davlasio disappeared. Carlini ate and drank calmly as if nothing had happened. The robbers looked at him in surprise and couldn’t understand that he could be so calm. If they were wondering, they heard a heavy step on the ground behind them. They turned around and saw Dallasio holding the young woman and sweeping the ground with her head tilted back. When they entered the center of the circle, the robbers saw clearly that the young woman Davlasio was all pale. This scene suddenly appeared.Still sitting, eating and drinking calmly, Davulasio took a few steps in an extremely quiet atmosphere and put Rita on the head of the bandit. So everyone immediately understood that the young woman was pale because of a short knife, which was inserted into Rita’s left chest. Everyone looked at Karenni Karenni’s belt scabbard. The boss said, now I know why Karenni is coming late. Although they are savage by nature, they can understand this desperate move. Other robbers may not do the same thing, but they all know Karenni. This move fed Karenni to get up and walk over to the corpse, holding a pistol handle in one hand and shouting, "Who wants to come now? I’ll fight for this woman. The bandit chief replied that she is you." Karenni picked her up in both hands and left the firelight circle. Cucumetto sent a vigil sentry, and the robbers laid down in front of the fire. In the middle of the night, the sentry sent a warning. It was Lida’s father who came with his daughter’s ransom. He said to Cucumetto that 300 Piast was here and took my child. Give it back to me. The bandit leader didn’t reach out to pick up the money and made a gesture to tell him to go with him. The old man obeyed. The two of them walked forward at the bottom of the forest. The moonlight poured down from the branches. Finally, Gukumita stopped and pointed to a tree. Two people gathered together. Well, he said, ask Kalini for your child. How is she? He will tell you that he has gone back to his friends.
The old man stood there motionless. He felt some kind of unexpected disaster. He finally walked to the figure gathered together, but he didn’t know what had happened. When he came closer, Karenni looked up, so two figures appeared in front of the old man. A woman lay on the ground with her head resting on a man’s leg sitting next to her. When the man looked up, the woman’s face could be seen. Karenni also recognized the old man. I knew you would come. The robber said to Rita’s father, the beast old man answered. What did you do to her? He stared in horror at Rita’s pale and bloodstained chest with a short knife in it. A ray of moonlight came through the cracks in the tree and lit up her dead face. The robber said that I loved her and I killed her, or she would be targeted. The old man didn’t say a word, and his face became as white as a dead man. He said that if I did something wrong, you should take revenge on her. So he took the short knife from Rita’s chest wound and handed it to the old man to tear his vest with one hand. You did a good job. The old man replied in a hoarse voice, "Hug me!" My child Karenni threw himself into his lover’s father’s arms and sobbed like a child. This was the first time that the murderer was not afraid of blood. Alas, the old man said, now help me bury my child. Karenni went to get two pickaxes, so the father’s lover dug up at the foot of a big oak tree and prepared to let the young girl rest in the grave at the bottom of the oak tree. After digging, the father hugged her first, then hugged her, and then they put her in.Ping then the old man stretched out his hand and said, thank you, my child. Now let me stay here alone for a while, but Karenni replied, leave me. I order you that Karenni has to wrap himself up in his coat and soon fall asleep like the others.
They decided to set up camp in another place the night before. One hour before dawn, Gugumituo woke up his ministers’ orders, but Karenni refused to leave the forest. He refused to leave until he knew what happened to Rita’s father. He walked to the place last night, so he found that the old man had hung from the branch of the oak tree that shaded his daughter’s grave. He solemnly swore an oath of revenge on the old man’s body and lover’s grave, but he failed to fulfill his oath because Karenni was killed in an encounter with Roman cavalry two days later. Everyone was a little surprised, because he was facing the enemy and shouldn’t take a bullet from the back. The surprise was later subsided, because a bandit told his companions that when Karenini fell, Gugumituo was ten paces behind him, away from Frozino Woods. That morning, Gugumituo secretly followed Karenini and heard his oath of revenge, so he managed to stop it like a cunning man.
They also told a dozen other stories about this robber, all of which were equally bizarre. From Fondi to Pyrrhus, everyone trembled at the name of Gugumituo. These stories were often the theme of Luigi Delisa’s conversation. The girl trembled every time she heard such stories, but Vampa always patted the handle of his 110-gun and smiled to persuade her to rest assured. If that didn’t restore her courage, he aimed at a dead crow and landed on the foot of a tree. It passed day by day. Make a mutual agreement with the young people. When Vampa is 20 years old and Teresa is 19 years old, they will get married. They are orphans and have to take a leave from their employers. They have already asked and got permission. One day, when they were talking about their future plans, they suddenly heard two or three shots, and then they saw a man suddenly running towards them from the Woods near the grassland where the two young people often graze. When he ran to the place where he could hear, he called for someone to chase me. Can you hide me? We know very well that this outlaw must be a robber, but in Rome, the ten bandits, the Roman peasants, were born with a kind of sympathy and were always ready to help. Without saying a word, Vampa hurried to the front of the stone that concealed their cave, moved the stone to the secret cave that no one knew, and then covered the stone and walked away. Teresa still sat together. After a while, four cavalry appeared at the edge of the forest, and three of them seemed to be looking for the outlaw. The fourth one dragged a prisoner to the bandit’s neck. The three cavalry looked around for a while and saw the young man.The captain said that the man we are looking for is a robber, the head of Gugumituo? Luo Ji Teresa shouted at the same time. Yes, the captain replied that his head is worth 1000 Roman crowns. If you help us catch him, you will get 520 young people. The captain felt that he hoped that 500 Roman crowns would be equal to 3,000 francs, and 3,000 francs would be a lot of money for a poor orphan who was about to get married. But it was really annoying, Vampa said, but we didn’t see him, so the cavalry went four miles. After searching for a while, they couldn’t find it anywhere. After a while, they walked away, so Vampa moved the slate again and Gugumituo climbed up. He saw the two young peasant cavalry talking through the cracks in the slate and guessed that they were talking. He saw from Luigi Teresa’s face that they would never sell him, so he took out a bag full of gold from his pocket and gave it to them. Vampa held her head high proudly and ignored it, but Teresa’s eyes showed excitement. She thought that this bag of gold could buy those beautiful clothes and gorgeous jewelry.
Gugumituo is an old fox and villain. He is a bandit on the surface, but actually a naked snake. Teresa’s eyes suddenly remind him that it is appropriate to ask her to be a fortress lady. He went back to the Woods on the pretext of paying tribute to his savior several times. After reviewing for a few days, they didn’t see Gugumituo again, and they didn’t hear anyone say that his carnival was coming. Count Saint-Rhys announced that he would have a grand masquerade ball. Everyone with Roman status wanted to attend this ball very much. Luigi asked for it. The butler, his protector, allowed them to join the dance among the village servants, which was allowed. The count loved his daughter Camilla the most. This dance was to please her, and Camilla happened to be exactly the same age and figure, and Teresa was just as beautiful as Camilla. On the night of the dance, Teresa tried to dress herself up as beautifully as possible, wearing the most splendid glass bead chain with her hair. She wore Frascati women’s fashion clothes, and Luigi wore those very beautiful clothes that Roman farmers wore on holidays. Both of them were mixed in the peasant team where they could serve.
This banquet is really gorgeous. Not only the lights in the villa are lit, but also thousands of colorful lanterns are hung on the trees in the garden. Soon, the guests flock from the mansion to the terrace, and from the terrace to the garden walkway. At every intersection of the path, there is a band table scattered with all kinds of drinks and snacks. The guests live in four pairs and dance in a group. Carmela dresses up like a Sonnino peasant woman. Her hat is embroidered with pearls. Her belt is embroidered with Turkish silk. A big flower, her blouse and skirt is Kashmir, and her apron is Indian linen, and her bra buttons are all big pearls. Her two companions pretend that one is like a peasant woman in Tuno and the other is like a peasant woman in Lixi. The four men are the brothers of the richest and most noble people in Rome, and their Italian style is fully demonstrated. In this respect, other countries in the world really can’t compare with them. They all wear peasant clothes to represent Aalbano, Velletri, Chivita, Castellana and Sola. Everywhere, these peasant clothes are as dazzling as those women.
Carmela wanted to dance in four pairs at a time, but there was still a woman missing. She looked around, but none of the guests wore clothes similar to her or her partner. St. Reese pointed to Teresa, who was holding Luigi’s arm in the peasant team. Do you allow me? Father Carmela said, of course, the count replied, aren’t we having a carnival? Carmela turned to the young man who was talking to her and said a few words and pointed to Teresa. The young man looked at the lovely finger and bowed to show that he was invited to Teresa. She went to a four-pair dance led by the count’s daughter, and Teresa felt like a fire swept over her face. She looked at Luigi Luigi and had to agree. He slowly let go of Teresa’s arm, which was clamped at the bottom of his own arm, and Teresa was very excited to be in that aristocratic four-pair dance with her partner. Of course, in the eyes of the artist, Teresa’s rigid and rigorous dress, Carmela, and her companions were quite different in style, but Teresa was frivolous and coquettish by nature. Those embroidery, flowers, gauze and Kashmir belts.
Luigi felt that there was a feeling in his mind that he had never felt before. It was like biting his heart in bites, and then creeping into his veins through his spine, and it permeated him. His eyes were fixed on Teresa, her partner, and when they touched hands, he felt that he was going to faint. His pulse was beating violently like a bell banging in his ear. Although Teresa listened to her partner with lowered eyes and timidly when they talked, from that beautiful young man, In the warm eyes, Luigi saw that he was praising her. He felt that all kinds of infernal voices were whispering in his ear, telling him to kill and assassinate. He was so afraid of such strong feelings that he could deny himself, so he grabbed him by the side of the tree with one hand and clung to the carved dagger on his belt with the other hand convulsively, and Luigi was jealous from time to time. He felt that Teresa might abandon him because of her ambition and limelight.
The young peasant woman was timid at first. Teresa was beautiful, but the word "beautiful" was not enough. Teresa had the charm of beautiful wild flowers, which was much more attractive than the elegant manners we made up. At that time, almost all the four couples were robbed by her. Suppose she was jealous of the daughter of Count Saint-Rhys, I can’t guarantee that Carmela was not jealous of her. While trying to compliment her, she led her back to the place where Luigi was waiting for her. During that dance, this beautiful partner took her back. The young girl glanced at Luigi from time to time, and every time she saw that he was pale and emotional, his knife was half-sheathed, and the cold and dense knife light stung her. When she lifted her lover’s arm again, she almost shivered. That time, the four pairs of dances were very successful, but everyone enthusiastically asked Carmela to do it again, but the Earl of Saint-Rhys asked his daughter too earnestly, and she finally agreed, so a partner hurried to Teresa, but it was impossible to form four pairs of dances without her. In fact, the young girl has disappeared, and Luigi has no strength to go through this test again. He dragged Teresa to the other side of the garden half-heartedly, but Teresa was at his mercy. But when she saw the young man’s excited face, she knew from his heavy trembling voice that he must be thinking, and she couldn’t help being excited. Although she didn’t do anything wrong, she always felt that Luigi should blame her because she didn’t know that she was to blame. But to Teresa’s great surprise, Luigi remained speechless that night.He took her away. He sent her home and said, "Moral Lisa, what was on your mind when you were dancing opposite the Countess of St. Reese?" I think young girls are very frank by nature, so I replied that I would rather cut my life by half in exchange for a suit that she wore. What did your partner say to you? He said that it depends on me. He said it was right. Luigi said that you really wanted it as much as you said. Well, then you will get the young girl. Look up. I came to look at him, but his face was so gloomy and terrible that she froze when she spoke. Luigi said this and left. Teresa watched him disappear in the dark before she entered her room with a sigh.
There was a big accident that night. It was suspected that a servant neglected to put out the light, which caused a fire in St. Reese’s residence. The fire room was next to the lovely Carmela. She was awakened by the fire in the dark and jumped out of bed. A nightgown wrapped her body and tried to escape from the door, but she tried to escape. The corridor was full of fireworks, so she had to go back to her room and shouted for help. Suddenly, a young farmer jumped into the room from her window twenty feet above the ground and grabbed her. With superhuman skill, she took her to the grass. When she got there, she fainted. When she woke up, her father was with her. The servants were all around to wait on her. This fire burned down a row of rooms in the mansion. But since Carmela was ill, what’s the matter? Everyone looked for her rescuer everywhere, but the man didn’t meet and asked around, but no one had seen him. Because Carmela didn’t look at him at that time, he felt that the boss was unhappy, and the count was extremely eager to get out of danger. From this point of view, he felt that it was not a real disaster, but a new favor. The fire loss was in him
The next day, at the same time, the young farmer met again at the edge of the forest. Luigi came to Teresa in high spirits first. It seemed that he had forgotten what happened last night. The girl was obviously thinking, but when she saw Luigi so happy, she put on a smile to disturb her when she was not excited. It was natural that Luigi took her arm and led her to the door of the cave. The young girl looked at him stupefied when she realized that something special had happened. Teresa Luigi said last night that you told me that you would rather take it. Everything in the world has been exchanged for a suit like that for an earl’s daughter, Teresa replied in surprise, but I was talking about it for fun, and I replied that it was good, and you will get it. Yes, the girl answered Luigi’s words, and she was more and more surprised, but you said that, of course, it made me happy. I promised you that I had done it. Teresa Luigi proudly said to the cave and put on the clothes. As he said, he moved the slate and pointed to the hole to show Teresa that there were two candles lit in the cave, and each candle had a beautiful mirror beside it. There was a pearl necklace on
Teresa exclaimed unexpectedly. Without asking where this set of ornaments came from, she did not thank Luigi, so she got into the hole that had become a dressing room. Luigi covered the slate for her, because then he saw a small hill near Strina where he was sent. A rider stopped there for a while, as if he didn’t know which way to go. On a pale blue day, he could clearly see his outline. As soon as he saw Luigi, he galloped towards him. Luigi was right. The passenger had gone from Strina to Tivoli. Luigi showed him the wrong way, because it was a quarter mile from there, and the road was divided into three roads. At the fork in the road, the passenger might get lost again, so he begged him to take him a section of the road. Luigi threw his coat on the ground and got rid of this heavy clothes. He shouldered his carbine and threw it at the mountain people, and the horses couldn’t catch up with the passengers quickly. In less than ten minutes, Luigi, the passenger arrived at the fork in the road. As soon as he got there, he pointed to a passenger with an emperor’s dignity. That’s you, Lord Lu. Now It won’t be a mistake again. This is your reward. The passenger said that he touched a few small coins for the young shepherd. Thank you. Luigi retracted his hand and said that I was helping you, not asking for your money. Well, the passenger seems to be used to the slavery of the city people. The mountain people are proud and know the difference. It seems that he said that if you refuse to accept money, you may be willing to give you a gift. Yes, that’s another matter. Then the passenger said these two Venetian Yang Kim. Tell your bride to buy a pair of earrings herself. Then your dagger young shepherd said that you can’t find another one around ChiA dagger isn’t worth two pieces of Yang Kim. Maybe in a businessman, but in my place, it’s carved by my own hands. It’s not worth a Pianist. What’s your name? The passenger asked Luigi Vampana, and the shepherd replied that he answered. That attitude was like he was saying that I was Alexander, king of Macedonia. What about you? My passenger said that my name was Sinbad, and Franz Epinay, a sailor, was taken aback. Sinbad, he said.
It was the storyteller who said that the passenger called Vampa by that name.
Why do you object to this name? Albert asked. This name is beautiful. To be honest, I was very interested in the adventures of the gentleman with this name when I was a child.
Franz said no more. The name Sinbad the sailor probably awakened his memories. Go ahead, he said to the shopkeeper.
Vampa grandly put the two pieces of Yang Kim in his pocket, turned around and walked slowly along the road. When he walked two or three hundred steps away from the hole, he thought he heard a cry and listened carefully to identify where the sound came from.
So he clearly heard that he was calling his name. The sound came from the other side of the cave. He jumped forward like an antelope and loaded ammunition in his carbine. Soon he arrived at a hill top. When he saw the passengers, the hill was far away. When he got there, he heard the cry for help more clearly. His eyes searched around and saw a man robbing Teresa. Like Nisus robbing Teqimela, the man hurried to the Woods. He had walked three-quarters of the way from the cave to the Woods. Vampa estimated the distance. The man had already walked 200 steps more than he did. It was impossible to chase him. The young shepherd set his foot as if he had taken root. The butt of their carbine leaned against his shoulder and aimed at the robber’s gun and followed him for a second. Then the robber suddenly stopped. When his knee bent, he held Teresa in his arms. The young girl immediately got up, while the man was lying on the ground struggling in the agony of dying. Vampa rushed to Teresa’s legs because she was just a few steps away from the dying man. The young man couldn’t help kneeling down. He was afraid that the bullet that knocked him down would also hurt his fiancee. Fortunately, she didn’t even scratch her skin. Teresa was too frightened. After Luigi saw that she was really safe, he turned and walked over to the injured man. The guy just gave up his breath and saw that he had clenched his fist, his mouth was crooked and his hair was straight and he was sweating. His eyes were still open with Vampa, and he approached the body and recognized him as Gugumituo.
The robber took a fancy to Teresa after being rescued by the two young farmers that day, and vowed to get her. Since then, he has been staring at them in secret to help her lover guide the passengers. She was left alone to rob her. He finally got her, but he didn’t expect that the young shepherd’s 100-dollar bullet pierced his heart, and Teresa looked at his face without moving. On the contrary, her hands and feet were shaking and she dared not go near the murdered gangster, but she slowly walked over and feared the dead man from behind her lover’s shoulder. Suddenly Vampa turned to his lover. Ah, he said, OK, you are dressed up. Now it’s my turn to dress up. Teresa is dressed from head to toe. Ivan, the daughter of Count Reese, picked up the body of Gugumituo and moved to the underground cave. This time, it’s Teresa’s turn to stay outside. At this time, if another passenger passes by, he will see a strange thing. A shepherdess is wearing a Kashmiri robe, pearls, earrings, necklaces, diamonds, emeralds and rubies. He suspects. Will have returned to the Florentine era, and it will be announced everywhere in Paris that he met an Alpine shepherd goddess sitting at the foot of Shaping Mountain. A quarter of an hour later, Vampa came out of the cave. His ornaments were not inferior to Teresa’s. He wore a pomegranate Red Velvet coat with bright gold buttons, a satin vest embroidered with flowers, a Roman scarf around his neck, a golden red and green silk splendid flower ammunition box, sky-blue velvet shorts with diamond buttons at the bottom of his trousers, a pair of Arabian deerskin boots with a colorful ribbon hat and a belt.Leo Polo, Robert, maybe the characters in Nitz’s oil painting, he borrowed all the costumes of Gugumituo. The young man saw that this costume had an effect on his fiancee, so he smiled smugly. Now he said to Teresa, would you like me to share weal and woe? Oh, it was the young girl who enthusiastically shouted, "Will you go with me wherever you go?" So take my arm with you to the end of the world. Let’s go. We can’t wave any more. The young girl just took her lover’s arm and didn’t ask him where to take her. Because in her opinion, he was almost as beautiful and proud as a god at this moment. They walked into the Woods and soon came to the Woods. Wampa, of course, was familiar with his path. He didn’t hesitate to walk forward. Although there was no ready-made road, he knew how to walk at a glance at the trees and grass. They walked forward for an hour and a half. Finally, they came to a deep canyon in front of the thickest trees. Wampa walked along this deserted road for two hours. It is surrounded by mountains and slopes, with pine trees growing in clusters in the east and in clusters in the west, but it seems that these pine trees are difficult to breed. This road is like Virgil saying that it leads to the crater of the underworld. Teresa became afraid when she saw the deserted and desolate scenery around her. She clung to her guide and was so scared that she didn’t dare to say a word, but when she saw that he was still striding forward calmly, she tried to restrain her emotions. Suddenly, about ten paces away from them, a man flashed a gun at Vampa.
Stop, he shouted, I’ll kill you if I take one more step. What? Vampa raised his hand and made a contemptuous gesture and said, but Teresa couldn’t hold back her panic any longer. Do wolves still eat wolves? Who are you? I’m Luigi Vampa, the shepherd of Reese Farm. What are you doing here? I want your companions in the valley of Bika Mountain to tell me, so come with me. The sentry said, If you know the way, lead the way ahead. Vampa smiled contemptuously at this precaution of robbers, and the pace of leading ahead of Teresa was still like just now. After walking for ten minutes, the robber signaled them to stop, and the young man and woman obeyed, so the robber answered the signal with three cocks and an old crow. All the way, Teresa clung to her lover because she saw a weapon in the Woods, a carbine bayonet shining, and it was at the top of a hill. Once upon a time, it was suspected to be a volcano. One in Romero, Ramus, escaped from Alber and went out before building a Roman city. Teresa Luigi reached the mountain. Ding suddenly found that they were in front of twenty robbers. This young man wanted to talk to you. The sentry said what he wanted to say. A young man asked him if he was the leader and took the place of the leader. I wanted to say that I was tired of the shepherd’s life. Vampa answered this question. I understand. The deputy leader said that you asked to join us. Did you meet some robbers and shouted that they were from Bambinara, Rosino, and they knew Luigi Vampa when they came here? But I came here to be more than your companion. What did the robbers ask in surprise? I asked to be your captain. The young man said that the robbers laughedI’m wearing his clothes now, and I set fire to St. Reese’s residence to get a wedding ceremony for my fiancee, so an hour later Luigi Vampa was elected captain to replace the dead ancient Mituo.
Alas, my dear Albert Franz turned to his friend and said, What do you think of citizen Luigi Vampa?