"Hard to also have to bear the pain of body restructuring again" Liao Jinghua endured the pain in the heart andao. Although this bone was stabbed out of the body, it felt very painful, but it didn’t hurt to the point where Liao Jinghua couldn’t stand it. The body restructuring pain after the incarnation element body was one thousand times more painful than this.

Being stopped to get out of trouble may even be crushed into a paste. Liao Jinghua has to use that kind of embodiment element body thing again. Liao Jinghua regards it as a rescue.
Liao Jinghua’s body drifted up, and sure enough, the strength that suppressed people disappeared and disappeared. It seemed that Liao Jinghua would disperse at any time and looked at them with an unyielding face in front of a group of weirdos.
"Hey? Different repair element body? Who the hell are you? How can there be so many strange things? " The weirdo started to get up.
Liao Jinghua doesn’t talk much, just staring at these weirdos, wondering whether he is going to drag around here or turn around and escape. Look at their amazing look, it seems that he can escape with his own element, but what about Xiao Ruan? Although Xiao Ruan can escape hundreds of miles for such a long time, it is not too much to escape thousands of miles in the face of these weirdos
Liao Jinghua finally made a decision with his teeth, and then dragged it here for a moment. It is a moment to win more for Xiao Ruan, so that Xiao Ruan can be more secure. It is another matter to face one and face a group.
Liao Jinghua regretted why he didn’t accept the kindness of the old fire at the beginning, and then he sent the two narrow knives. Liao Jinghua, the embodiment element in vitro, was one, and all the black snow roots made the trapped dragon lock follow suit, and the element body was effectively played out in the case that it was an element body.
Liao Jinghua waved his head and regretted that there was a fart at this time, but he saw Liao Jinghua’s body waved and turned into the most aggressive fire element. The whole person turned into a fire dragon and rolled over to the dozen people across the street.
In that weirdo’s amazing look, the dragon whirled and howled and jumped at them. The weirdo’s hand was lifted again. There was no change in movement or speed before, but it was lifted when the dragon rushed to the front. Who was Liao Jinghua incarnate? The dragon’s power actually produced the element body and set Liao Jinghua in place.
Shape force compresses a long fire dragon into a ball of fire, and a miserable cry of Liao Jinghua comes in the ball of fire. The ball of fire is gradually revealing the truth of Liao Jinghua. In the flame, Liao Jinghua’s bust has completely turned into a solid bust, but it is still a flame. Liao Jinghua’s bust is struggling and howling with severe pain, giving Liao Jinghua unprecedented strength. Even that weirdo can’t control it and makes Liao Jinghua roll in the middle.
When Liao Jinghua’s body was solidified again, the pain suddenly disappeared, and Liao Jinghua also stopped, which made his voice dumb and howling awake. Liao Jinghua remembered a sentence, which caused an absolute gap in absolute strength. Perhaps if this element body is an old fire, they are afraid that these weirdos will really be helpless and even if they can’t win, they will be in an invincible position. However, compared with the Mahayana old fire thousands of years ago, Liao Jinghua is far from it. Even if they display the element body, their opponents are not too weak, but they are too weak.
"Strange? Different elements can be transformed into entities again …,. cn It seems that we have stayed here for too long. "The weirdo shook his head and said gently that his face could no longer keep that cool smile. Although Liao Jinghua was still controlled by him, he still felt happy to see his slightly changed face, even if he lost, he would scare you.
"But even so, you are too weak for me. Let me see if there is anything else you haven’t made. Don’t let me down." That weirdo resumed the kind of fairy who looks like a general, and his fingers moved tightly and loosely. Liao Jinghua felt like he had fallen into a vortex and was constantly dragged by that kind of Zhang Chi power for a while, and his bone head was crushed to be spent outside the body for a while, and it was like being torn apart by seven hands.
Liao Jinghua feels that he is a mouse. That weirdo just wants to play with himself and then kill the evil cat. Liao Jinghua wants to close his eyes and accept his fate, but he feels ashamed. Even if he is caught by a cat playing with a mouse, he will try his best to resist or escape. What’s worse, he is himself.
Liao Jinghua tried his best to control his body, but the gap between that weirdo and his body was too big. After a while, Liao Jinghua’s body was tortured and scarred by Zhang Chi’s two kinds of strength, and a series of finger-wide wounds appeared. Blood was continuously sprayed from the wound, and then it was forced back to Liao Jinghua’s body by that force, and then the force was loosened and the blood was sprayed out again, making Liao Jinghua look like there was endless blood to flow.
Liao Jinghua spit out one mouthful blood, but the blood just gushed out and was pushed back from the original road. One mouthful blood poured back into his abdomen. Liao Jinghua felt that the blood was like being blown up in his stomach, like blowing him to pieces, and the fragments of his limbs were flying around.
Flying is flying, but flying is not Liao Jinghua’s body, but golden yellow. It floats on Liao Jinghua’s head, sending out a golden color with a few blood lines of light film to cover Liao Jinghua in it. All the discomfort disappeared. Looking at it floating on his head, even Liao Jinghua himself froze. It turned out to be disappearing for a long time, and it was almost forgotten by Liao Jinghua.
At the beginning, he wore three treasures of wishful boots in the mountains. Strange gold is not very helpful to him now. Liao Jinghua’s reaction speed is even faster than Italian boots. Now he wears some boots, and there is not much strange gold. The gold nugget is big enough and not heavy enough, and the people who fix the truth in the mountains are not very interested in gold and silver. However, a monster jumps out of the top of the mountain at ordinary times. Even more gold can’t stop it, but Liao Jinghua has always been the most special. I broke down and disappeared long ago, but I didn’t expect it to appear at this moment. What’s even more strange is that this vision can still resist the strength of weirdos, which is enough to surprise Liao Jinghua to say anything.
Stranger things are yet to come. The weirdo’s body trembled for two times. The golden light around Liao Jinghua with blood lines was shrunk several times and bounced back. The weirdo showed increased strength. Looking at the weirdo’s face, the cool look changed to dignified Liao Jinghua’s heart, and a sense of pleasure rose. Even in the future, it was worthwhile to see this weirdo.
It’s even weirder than this. Liao Jinghua suddenly found that the golden light around him turned to red, and the red gradually faded. Liao Jinghua was surprised. What’s wrong with this difference at this critical moment? Liao Jinghua looked up at the vision floating overhead, only to see that the vision gradually twisted and changed into a scroll. The scroll was light red with some golden threads to cover Liao Jinghua.
Liao Jinghua some get confused don’t understand is one thing how this will become this scroll sample and the weirdo looks weird. More than a dozen people look at each other. Everyone’s eyes are full of amazing color. The weirdo who made moves to Liao Jinghua gave a dull drink and shook his feet. His feet moved up and followed his footsteps. Liao Jinghua, who is extremely sensitive to reiki, was very keen to feel the different reiki around him, but he just felt different and made Liao Jinghua puzzled.
The weirdo’s strength is greater, and the scroll of the change is under greater pressure. The scroll is gradually playing. It is a scroll full of names. With the roll array playing Liao Jinghua, the red light around him is more prosperous. The weirdo has used his strength to suck milk, so he can regret Liao Jinghua again.
Although Liao Jinghua is a pedantic student, he has been mixed up in this Tianzhu Peak for a long time, but he is not beaten and does not strike back. No matter what this difference becomes, it is natural to fight back against the black snow, no matter what it is like to be trapped in the dragon lock fairy. Liao Jinghua shakes his shoulders and ignites a purple flame to wow and shoot it out and go straight to the weirdo.
That weirdo once again surprised Yi with a flick of his fingers and bounced back the metamorphoses and locks. Liao Jinghua felt that there was a strong force to follow the trapped dragon lock back. Every time, a part of the trapped dragon lock would be eliminated. When the shock came to his own hands, the strength was still great, and Liao Jinghua’s blood was still churning. Since the day he got the trapped dragon lock, he had never encountered such a kind of hard resistance to the trapped dragon lock and fought back. I didn’t expect these weirdos to be so strong.
It is a great gift for Liao Jinghua not to dare to attack easily again to protect himself. Although Liao Jinghua is unwilling, he still knows that he is not carried away by anger.
"Sunny day is almost enough." A man behind said to the weirdo. Until now, Liao Jinghua didn’t know what the name of the person who had been shooting at himself for a long time. Sunny day is a strange name, but it seems normal to put it in this strange person.
The weirdo named sunny day stopped and retreated into the crowd of more than a dozen people. These people all look alike in Liao Jinghua’s eyes. The weirdo retreated so fast that Liao Jinghua couldn’t recognize which one hurt himself at the moment.
Liao Jinghua didn’t take it back, but he didn’t dare to take it back. Who knows if these crazy weirdos will have any ideas about themselves again? Liao Jinghua has a different guardian and has become scared. He didn’t move in the same place, just watching these people.
At this time, one of them came out. Although these people look similar, Liao Jinghua can be sure that this guy is not the one who just hurt himself.
"Ahem, my name is sunny." The man introduced himself by shaking his hair.
Liao Jinghua turned his eyes and really regarded himself as an idiot. Even if he has a good temper, he can’t fool himself like this. When Liao Jinghua said rudely, "This elder is definitely much older than me. I respect you as a elder, but don’t treat him as a fool. If you call it sunny, what’s the name of the person who just hurt me?" Even if the predecessors are hostile to the present, it is not necessary to fool in one name, "Liao Jinghua said coldly.
"Ha-ha, this is my abrupt. Alas, you didn’t know it. In fact, each of us is called sunny. At ordinary times, everyone looks at each other for too many years, and the name won’t be available." The geek said with a smile that Liao Jinghua frowned. What does this mean to be called a sunny geek? However, Liao Jinghua didn’t feel murderous this time, and this geek’s face was carved out of a mold with the previous face. It was cool and dusty without any hostility, but after eating a loss, Liao Jinghua didn’t dare to be careless and still didn’t take it back
"Boy, your name is Liao Jinghua, isn’t it? Well, it’s a very nice guy." The weirdo who made the name sunny said to Liao Jinghua that what Liao Jinghua said was not sunny. What he said should be a white field. What he said later was the key point. Liao Jinghua listened quietly and wanted to hear what amazing words he could say on this sunny day.
At this moment, there seems to be a breeze caressing the blink of an eye, and there is another person among the dozens of people across the street. That person’s skirts are so overturned that Liao Jinghua can easily recognize it. Suddenly, Liao Jinghua feels that something is wrong. When he looks back, he sees Xiao Ruan holding a small double-headed stupidity and stretching out his hand behind him to keep Liao Jinghua’s optical film.
Liao Jinghua couldn’t help but hiss a mouthful of air conditioning. When did Xiao Ruan come back? Is it that Liao Jinghua, who was caught back, thought of the weirdo, suddenly appeared a person’s heart sank and hurriedly stepped back to protect Xiao Ruan behind him. Although it is a very strong protective magic weapon, it is a pity that Liao Jinghua can keep two people at the same time. This is also a shortcoming of toughness.
"Don’t be nervous. We didn’t mean anything from the beginning," Sunny said with a smile. The voice was soft and could not tell the difference between men and women, but it sounded comfortable.
"What exactly are you people? What do you want? " Liao Jinghua asked, "Speak directly if you have something to say."
"First of all, I want to ask you how can there be a list of gods? And there is a trapped dragon lock named gods, not to mention the fear of even the fairy. You can actually inspire this fairy. Although the trapped dragon lock is also a fairy, it is also a fairy, but it is also a fairy. These two things are afraid that no one will recognize it if it is not for us old guys who have some knowledge. "I shook my head and sighed on a sunny day."
"What? List of gods? What list of gods? " Liao Jinghua said in a stupefied manner that Yunyang is also a famous place, and the most important thing in the myth is that Liao Jinghua didn’t think how this thing got into his own hands.
"I didn’t know that you said that the difference in the list of gods was damaged by a friend of mine. I didn’t expect that there would be such a change in this trapped dragon lock today, but I was concerned about the release of a dragon, and so on. Why should I tell you this?" Liao Jinghua suddenly reacted and shook his head to sober himself up. How can these weirdos follow their words when they are hostile?
"You released a dragon? It must be that the dragon in ancient times didn’t leave the island. "Looking back on a sunny day, everyone looked at each other and said," This trapped dragon lock must have been a magic weapon of scattered fairy or fairy in those days. I didn’t expect that there were still ancient immortals to leave things. "I shook my head on a sunny day and said.
"You seniors are shallow in knowledge and don’t want you to discuss whether magic weapons and magic weapons are not white. Let’s go our separate ways. You can stay out of the river on a wooden bridge. Why do you want to hurt yourself?" Liao Jinghua in different guardian to a public arch hand asked.
"Don’t worry, young man, we really don’t have any malice, otherwise you would have died." Sunny smiled and said, "Although you have a list of gods guarding you, if we want to hurt you, you can’t stop us if you are aroused now." Sunny smiled and said, as if to confirm, you raised your hand against Liao Jinghua. Liao Jinghua was frightened. At this moment, his shoulder sank with one hand, and soon this strange feeling disappeared. Liao Jinghua looked at that sunny day, and his Gherardini face was surprised.
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Chapter DiYiLiu dust like a dream
"Even among the people who fix the truth, the list of gods is also a saying that it is said that in ancient times, the scattered immortals intervened massively. At that time, the struggle between the people who fix the truth and the gods caused great damage to the world. At that time, the earth creatures were turned upside down, and the gods in the world were disturbed to intervene. This list of gods was to take away the scattered immortals’ credentials and even some powerful gods and set the rules that the people who fix the truth must rise after the Mahayana period. The man of god was among them, but later the decline of the man of god was just the name of the list of gods. In ancient times, they were all people who stamped their feet and trembled in all directions, but the original intention of this list of gods was just a piece of evidence, but it left a few thoughts of the ancient immortals and the man of God. Although one or two of them were nothing, the number was so large that even if everyone stayed for a while, it would be enough to make the list of gods undergo earth-shaking changes. What’s more, in any case, the list of gods was originally a real boundary. Sunny smiled and said, "If you launch the list of gods, you are afraid that we old guys can’t do anything with you, but your strength is limited, and it
Liao Jinghua opened his mouth and said nothing. What else can he say? People have told themselves the truth. If they really want to take their own penis, they are not so powerful.
"Young man, come in and talk about it. The scenery here is good, but you can’t get tired of seeing much?" Said Sunny, turning and heading for the bamboo house. All the people nodded and smiled at Liao Jinghua and turned and floated through the bamboo house.
Liao Jinghua looked back at Xiao Ruan. Xiao Ruan still looked confused. Liao Jinghua sighed. Now he has his own ideas. Xiao Ruangen is just following his lead. To put it bluntly, he has no idea and can rely on himself for everything.
Just as Liao Jinghua hesitated, I don’t know which sunny day came from the bamboo building. "Don’t hesitate to come in, young man. If you want to get out of this bamboo forest, you should join us. Otherwise, although you have good talent, you want to be afraid that you will never get out of the bamboo forest in this life with your down-to-earth way."
Liao Jinghua sighed leisurely, put away the different feet and walked to the bamboo house. People have made the words so white and every sentence is true. This bamboo forest is full of strangeness. If you are afraid of not going out by your own strength, it seems that you have been more than 300 years old now. How many years can you live by repairing yourself now? Although I have walked in this bamboo forest for nearly 200 years, my body has not aged or changed, but if I really let myself walk here so boring for thousands of years, I will drive myself crazy even if I don’t die of old age.
Liao Jinghua followed him in the past, and there were no doors and windows at the root of the bamboo building. Some bamboo branches and leaves stretched out horizontally to make window paper and other things, but they looked different, and those were called sunny days. People were sitting or lying in this wide bamboo building at will.
"Sit down, young man. We need your help, but we have to tell you what place it is here first." Liao Jinghua stretched out his hand and said to himself on a sunny day. He looked at the man and didn’t know if he was talking to the two before.
Liao Jinghua nodded and sat down on the floor made of bamboo. It was cool and comfortable to sit up. Liao Jinghua crossed his legs and fell to the ground with a small soft side. He crawled on his body like he was back at home. Anyway, Liao Jinghua was in a small soft place, but he didn’t have to worry about it.
"It was a talented person from Jiangshan generation. We can’t get old." Looking at Liao Jinghua on a sunny day, I smiled and sighed.
Liao Jinghua smiled for a while, waiting for the sunny day to get to the point. In this environment, Liao Jinghua has given up the way of speaking without turning. Everything likes to be direct, but sunny days don’t seem to have this conscious nagging at Liao Jinghua. I heard that Liao Jinghua really wanted to bow his head and fall asleep for several days, but she was afraid of missing something.
Sunny day, these people are all people who have reached a certain level in previous periods. They want to take a shortcut directly to the top of the mountain, hoping that they can fly directly to the top of the mountain to get the pain of Du Jie or the demons when Mahayana soared. But this vast array is their destination. Some people died in the middle of it for various reasons. Some people came here, but they were trapped by the vast array, and they couldn’t get out again. In the vast array, they didn’t worry about their own death or what fate possessed them, but the boring life was boring. However, it makes most people feel desperate. For the practitioners, there is no cultivation for hundreds of years. It takes several times to turn it over. In fact, all those who are trapped in this large array think so, but the reality is always cruel. When these practitioners enter the Mahayana period one by one and have broken through the Mahayana period, but they have not soared, these trapped people can’t stand it. What is it that the practitioners have built a generation of pictures? One is self-breakthrough, but the most important thing is to want to soar to the immortal. Going to the promised land, but being trapped in this large array is tantamount to cutting off their hope that the road will run away and never come back. This may be trapped in some corner, but it is really enough to live and dissipate on its own. There will be some practitioners breaking in, but no one will come later. Now they are the only ones left.
"Sunny predecessors how are fix true break in? Isn’t there a foreigner coming? " Liao Jinghua asked curiously, if the alien of Tianzhu Peak is not necessarily worse than the person who fixes the truth, it is a bit stronger than the person who fixes the truth. The most profound impression of Liao Jinghua is that the giants are tall and strong, and the ten people who fix the truth are not opponents.
"Ha-ha, that’s a good question." Ha-ha laughed on a sunny day. "Those Tianzhu aliens were really tough. I once fought with an alien. At that time, I remember that I seemed to be in a fit period. As a result, I was beaten by that alien and fled wildly. That guy chased me for more than a hundred days until I fled back to my master’s school. That guy was unwilling to retreat and scared me to take a detour when I saw the alien." On a sunny day, he talked about his past again, from the alien to his master’s brother and so on. I haven’t heard of the fix true sect, and there are all kinds of aliens jumping out of the mouth in a short time on a sunny day. There are hundreds of them. I heard Liao Jinghua sticking out his tongue and I have seen many aliens and fix true sects. But this monster-level veteran fix true sect is not generally shallow compared with his own knowledge, but when I think about it, I really want to climb to the top all the way. I have always been passive in meeting aliens and fix true sects. Like these fix true sects, I have nothing to do but wander around looking for all kinds of unknown races and fix true sects.
"What aliens didn’t break into this vast array?" When the sunny day dawdled for nearly an hour, Liao Jinghua didn’t get to the point. He couldn’t help but grabbed the woman and asked through a slight pause on a sunny day. Although listening to the sunny day, he said that his stories made him learn a lot, but now he is going to the top of the mountain. Others see what it sounds like. If it is said that it is in these stories, Liao Jinghua may still be interested in listening.
"Oh, yeah, yeah, aliens have never broken into a huge array?" On a sunny day, Liao Jinghua touched his forehead as if he were going to explode. If he knew, he would ask you what you were doing.
"Alien people have their own living sites and will not easily step out of their living areas, which is their nature." Sunny days finally got back to the topic and thought for a while and said, "I guess this may be the case in ancient times, but those immortals were qualified to live in the depths of Tianzhu Peak. Although they are scattered immortals, they are better than those aliens in our generation who are afraid and dare not provoke them. Even now, there are a lot of immortals living in this ancient time, and there are quite a few aliens. It was at the beginning that the servants of the immortals, the aliens, were always afraid of the immortals, for fear that they would walk into the place where the immortals left off. It took several generations of efforts to develop an alien residence, and that is, those aliens, except for a few weird races, did not have a long life span. I have seen the race with the longest life span only live for 300 years, and the number is small. The Tianzhu Peak is too big to expand for thousands of miles, which is enough for them to live. They are not too aggressive and do not have much time to explore. Well, maybe that’s it.
Liao Jinghua, of course, is not talking about the life span of the aliens in sunny days. The mermaid clan has lived for more than 500 years, and the life span of the giants is also 300 years. The life span of the orcs may be shorter, but it seems to have the shortest life span compared with more than 200 years. However, it is only a hundred years, but the person who fixes the truth is one of the human beings. However, if you think about sunny days, there is nothing wrong with this Tianzhu Peak, which is millions of miles high and square, and I don’t know how big and mysterious it is. Even the fairy saints can’t
"Should the elder talk about how to get out of this vast array now?" Liao Jinghua asked carefully, this is the most important theme.
"Yes, yes, yes, yes, tell me about this vast array." When it comes to sunny days, my eyes lit up, which is not exciting light, but a kind of negative emotional eyes that combine fear, panic and confusion. Liao Jinghua can’t believe that this kind of eyes will still appear in the eyes of these weirdos. "I lived here for the longest time." I nodded and smiled at Liao Jinghua on a sunny day and said, "They are all later than me."
"oh? How many years have you lived here? " Liao Jinghua curious asked.
"Well, this question is a bit difficult to answer. I remember that a group of us wanted to climb the peak but were all trapped here. Those people couldn’t bear to end it by themselves or left me alone after leaving. From then on, I only calculated that it seemed to be tens of millions of years ago. Otherwise, who would end it by themselves?" Sunny said in an understatement, but it scared Liao Jinghua almost to jump. What would it be like in ten thousand years?
"This vast array is really weird. When we are in this large array, we can also grow vigorously, but we just don’t see the body aging. We all guess that this may be a senior master’s retreat, which should be the fairy stream." Shaking his head on a sunny day, Liao Jinghua looked at him with excitement. Otherwise, he shook his head. Even if the fairy stayed, what is not trapped here?
"Do you know how long we have been here? Look at this. It’s been too long since I met them. I can’t remember it myself. I just got some bamboo branches. Every year, I will cut a small piece of bamboo branches. "Sunny day said and waved to the window. Liao Jinghua knew that this was the bamboo branches that this elder took out from his Yuan Ying. If he still had Yuan Ying now, those bamboo branches should be placed outside. Liao Jinghua walked to the window while wondering what sunny day would not directly put those bamboo branches into the bamboo building.